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TRACKING TRENDS | KEVIN OAKES THE BIG SHIFT the American Society for Training & Development nyone sick of talking about the growth of Faconducted in partnership with i4cp, more than twocebook, Twitter, YouTube and hundreds of thirds of study participants said they believe social other social media technologies that permemedia tools have the potential to create security or ate our lives today? If so, I have bad news: We’ve only privacy issues at work. There are also concerns that just begun to see the impact these tools will have on user-generated content will not be accurate. They go the corporate training function. as far as believing that these tools may actually impair And this impact—what I’m calling “The Big the learning process. Shift”—is changing the very core of what we mean by Like with almost all new mediums in the past, these corporate training. fears are largely unfounded. “Companies still have Step back in time with me to a quaint, innocent and some fear around social media, but employees know orderly era where most company information was created by the training department. Instructional designers dutifully gathered content from Social media is especially useful at helping SMEs and put together courses, employees learn efficiently and effectively which were then delivered by Within the context of your organization, is what extent do active instructors in a variety social media tools help you to accomplish the following? of formats to a passive student audience. Not Small Moderate High Very high The notion of centralized at all extent extent extent extent content creation and orderly Get more consumption has been tossed 3.8% 34.6% 28.6% 22.6% 10.6% 3.8 8 8% work done upside-down by social media Get better because of one important rea4.8% 4.8% 8 8% 28.5% 24.3% 25.8% 16.6% work done son: The ability to create and Learn more in post content now resides in 25.1% 22.8% 26.2% 19.5% 6.6% less time the fingers of the average employee. And that scares some Learn truly 6 6.4% 23.5% 23.2% 28.0% 18.9% useful things companies to death. In The Rise of Social Media, 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% a recent research report that 40 TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 2011 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine / A

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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2011
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From Where I Sit: Your 2011 Action Plan
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Training Industry Top 20
At the Editor's Desk: Becoming Enablers
Raytheon Professional Services
Performance & Productivity: The Power of Conversations
Learning Technologies: Paving Cow Paths for Dinosaurs?
Technical Training: Talent Management & Technical Training
Partnering for Performance Conference
Learning 2020: Thinking about the Future of Learning
Cornerstone On Demand
Cover Report: Proving Training's Value: Linking Training to Business Outcomes
The Training Associates
Tactics Feature: 7 Solutions for Workforce Training
Harvard Business Publishing
Strategies Feature: Onboarding: A Driving Force for Employee Engagement
Hemsley Fraser
Solutions Feature: Making Informal Learning Real
Training Industry Quarterly
CaseBook: Habitat for Humanity: Training Under Construction
Tracking Trends: The Big Shift
Closing Arguments: Focusing on the Future
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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2011