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Expert Education: Training, Technology & SMEs Y B y S h a w n a n d r e w S whether SMEs want to be trainers. In most cases, hopefully, they will be open to the challenge. In other cases, it may be a necessity to utilize one or more SMEs to support your training, which will require more cooperation on both your parts. Technology plays an important role in training your SMEs. Undoubtedly, you will need to train them on some form of technology so they can develop and deliver content in an interactive fashion. Various forms include learning technologies, communication technologies and social media technologies. It may be necessary to train them on learning technology, such as e-learning software or authoring tools, so they can 17 our company has slashed your training budget, but expects high quality content and instructor-led technical training to be at the ready. What do you do? If you’re like the majority of trainers, you turn to your resident subject matter experts (SMEs) for help. SMEs are generally the technical leaders within a given industry. These individuals may have advanced degrees, such as Ph.D. or M.D., they reside in a wide range of departments, and they rarely, if ever, report to the training department. In some cases, subject matter experts will not reside within a company and must be obtained externally. Examples of this are The more people you can eliciT inpuT from in order To make an informed decision, The beTTer independent contractors or experts, such as a researcher or college professor. A vendor partner that specializes in a particular area, such as communication skills or urology, can also serve as an SME. Another factor to be mindful of is Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2012 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2012
From Where I Sit: Learning Technology Market Segments
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The Coherent Enterprise
Tracking Informal Learning with Tin Can
Can Your People Trust You?
5 Critical Skills to Survive Tomorrow
Expert Education: Training, Technology & SMEs
Cloud Transition: More to Consider Than Just Security
My Training Dashboard? Which One?
5 Gaming Elements for Effective e-Learning
Let's Get Multi-Platform Training Right
Casebook: Colorado Secretary of State's Office
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Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2012