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Let’s Get Multi-Platform Training Right B y B i L L r o S e n T h a L igh-performing employees can become a powerful competitive advantage for an organization. Here are six keys to help the CLO create a high-performance workforce by making multi-platform training more productive. H Focus on Accountability The typical evaluation form that employees fill out after a training session is over often is called a “smile sheet” and that’s for good reason: One employee feels the instructor was cool and another’s relieved that the training’s over. Both write positive if Training’s resulTs can’T be documenTed, The funcTion mighT be The vicTim of The nexT round of cosT-cuTTing reviews. Courses that entertain tend to get higher grades than those with a challenging curriculum. Given how predictable their results are, smile sheets aren’t taken very seriously. The problem is they’re the most common metric used in training and for the vast majority of programs the only metric. A more rigorous approach is needed. At any organization, if training’s results can’t be documented the function might be the victim of the next round of cost-cutting. The CLO must lead the effort to focus on accountability. The gold 35 Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2012 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2012
From Where I Sit: Learning Technology Market Segments
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Guest Editor: Supporting the Business of Learning
The Coherent Enterprise
Tracking Informal Learning with Tin Can
Can Your People Trust You?
5 Critical Skills to Survive Tomorrow
Expert Education: Training, Technology & SMEs
Cloud Transition: More to Consider Than Just Security
My Training Dashboard? Which One?
5 Gaming Elements for Effective e-Learning
Let's Get Multi-Platform Training Right
Casebook: Colorado Secretary of State's Office
Tracking Trends: Technology: Supporting Key Initiatives
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Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2012