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[CASEBooK] Colorado Secretary of State’s Office: launching a learning portal “The broad idea is that as we move forward into new technology there’s both a requirement and an opportunity to put a good deal of our knowledge online as a service to the people of colorado.” — dj davis, colorado department of state I B y M i c h e L L e e g g L e S T o n ogy as a means of reaching and educating customers. This idea led to the creation of a learner community platform. “In some ways we’re subject matter experts,” said DJ Davis, senior project manager for the Colorado Department of State. “We’re not going to tell you A to Z how to start a business, but we certainly know about the registration process to start a busi41 n the world of training, distributing knowledge that will ultimately improve performance and knowledge-base is the goal. This purpose is shared with businesses of all sizes and calibers, including state government. While most companies spend corporate dollars to train employees, some organizations are in the business of educating customers. With its recent implementation of a learning portal, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office is training on a broader scale by concentrating its efforts on educating the Colorado community at large. Historically, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office was primarily a filing office, with much of its work done on paper. Wanting to change the way it serves its customers, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler sparked an idea to focus on technol- Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2012 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2012
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The Coherent Enterprise
Tracking Informal Learning with Tin Can
Can Your People Trust You?
5 Critical Skills to Survive Tomorrow
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Cloud Transition: More to Consider Than Just Security
My Training Dashboard? Which One?
5 Gaming Elements for Effective e-Learning
Let's Get Multi-Platform Training Right
Casebook: Colorado Secretary of State's Office
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Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2012