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[SOCIAL MEDIA] Tweet suite The training industry regularly shares ideas, resources and inspirations through social media sites like Twitter. Here’s a snapshot of some current conversations from around the industry and around the world. ¿ team webex! webex Did you know multitasking makes you stupid! there’s research! Check it out. ¿ ken Blanchard | kenblanchard effective Leading means Continually Growing ¿ Disney Institute DisneyInstitute A successful corporate culture is well-defined and goal-oriented. #Dthink ¿ Impact Learning ImpactLearning 10 tips for Creating a social media Policy for your Business » social media examiner ¿ taleo | taleo_Corp Become an employer of Choice by recruiting from the Inside out ¿ expertus | expertusoNe Forbes rt @Forbes: Competitors can duplicate everything but your culture. that’s where you can win: #tChat #in ¿ sandler training sandlerrubyGrp ¿ Dan rockwell | Leadershipfreak “@JohnCmaxwell: every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence. — unknown” your business is performing at exactly as it was designed to perform. If you are not happy with the performance — change something! ¿ Jeffrey Gitomer | gitomer Change is refinement. Change is growth. Change is movement. Change is opportunity. #gitomer #success #motivation ¿ shawn murphy | shawmu ¿ e-Learning Council learningcouncil rt @lnddave: Great tips from Jeff tillett for creating quality video for learning, quick and easy. ¿ harvard Biz review harvardBiz how to start the Big Project you’ve Been Putting off Infographic: the staggering Cost of a Bad hire | mindflash Make a connection & join the discussion: • Join the LinkedIn group ¿ skillsoft | skillsoft Learn what key elements absolutely matter in today’s Creativity Age: ¿ upside Learning | upsideLearning 9 essential elements for Fun in Games #GBL #eLearning • Follow on twitter • Like the page on Facebook 42 Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /!/trainingindustr!/kenblanchard!/WebEx!/ImpactLearning!/ExpertusONE!/SandlerRubyGrp!/Leadershipfreak!/learningcouncil!/HarvardBiz!/SkillSoft!/UpsideLearning!/trainingindustr

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2012

From Where I Sit: Training in Alignment
Table of Contents
Ad Index
Guest Editor: Leveraging Goal-Setting & Feedback
Learning at the Speed of Business
The Dark Side of Digital
Closing the Generation Gap Between Leaders
Tomorrow's Learning: Blended & Just-In-Time
Assessing Learning and Performance
The Science of Engagement
Engaging Senior Leaders in the Learning and Development Process
Six Critical Measurement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
The Difference Makers: Identifying and Hiring the Right People
Casebook: DTCC Learning: Developing a Training Digital Nervous System
Leadership Competencies: Delivering Results
Tweet Suite
Company News
Closing Arguments: Measure For Measure

Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2012