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FROM WHERE I SIT | DOUG HARWARD THE AGE OF PERSONAL LEARNING Volume 5 Issue 1 Winter 2012 Publisher Training Industry, Inc. 401 Harrison Oaks Blvd., Suite 300 | Cary, NC 27513 (919) 653-4990 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Doug Harward EDITOR IN CHIEF Ken Taylor EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Tim Sosbe ASSOCIATE EDITOR Michelle Eggleston ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Neal Gagnon CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Ken Blanchard Scott Blanchard Lisa Bodell Joe Bush Robert Campbell Don Duquette Michelle Eggleston Doug Harward Charles Jennings Mike Merriman Kevin Oakes Barry Shields Karen Sieczka Tim Sosbe Brian Taliesin Dr. Gary Woodill W e’ve all participated in traditional training programs that were designed, delivered and administered by organizations responsible for determining what training is best for us. They determined when we should receive training, who should instruct us and how we should be instructed. It’s where the organization and the instructor knew what training was best for us and assumed control of our learning experience. But with the introduction of new authoring and delivery technologies, fully integrated with social networking platforms, the learners experience is changing. Now when we want to learn something new, the first thing we do is “Google it.” Using a search engine is so engrained as our first source of information and knowledge that is has achieved the ultimate status of being recognized by Webster’s Dictionary as a verb instead of a destination. From where I sit, the search engine is the single most competitive technology to impact what we do as training professionals. In fact, Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and other search and social networking sites have completely changed how learners learn, and are rapidly changing how trainers train. Kevin Rogers, CEO of Cypherpath, recently told me that he believes, “We’ve entered into a new era for training - a time where the learner has the ability to actually control their own learning experience. Much different from the time where the training organization and instructor controlled everything about the learner’s experience. Technologies allow the learner to access content virtually anywhere, on virtually any form of a mobile device.” Not only have these technologies made it easier for us to learn, it has also made it easier for thought leaders to teach. Thought leaders who are not instructional designers, can readily create content and upload them into learning environments for student access. In addition, they can communicate with students in real time, no matter where the student is in the world. It’s the age of personal learning. As training professionals, how we build, manage and filter these environments is our challenge. Personal Learning Environment’s (PLE) are fully integrated platforms of administrative, authoring, delivery and social technologies. The most exciting part is the costs are not as high as some may think. Savings from unnecessary classroom training is footing the bill for companies to transition to these environments. What the future holds from this era is yet to be seen. But it’s an exciting time to be a training professional. Doug Harward is CEO of Training Industry, Inc., and a former learning leader in the high-tech industry. Email Doug. COVER ART: © Oxford | EDITORIAL BOARD Jeneen Baret, Manager of Information Technology IT Learning Group, Cisco Systems Robert Campbell, VP of Learning, Cerner Corp. Ed Cohen, Executive Vice President, Nelson Cohen Global Consulting John Hovell, Senior Manager, Learning Architecture, Lockheed Martin Kaliym Islam, Vice President, Customer Training, Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. Barbara Jordan, Vice President, Learning, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer, Cigna David Lamb, Vice President, Learning & Media Services, Rollins Paul Leone, Manager, Leadership Development, American Express Alan Malinchak, Chief Learning Officer, Homeland Security Solutions, Inc. Krys Moskal, Vice President, People Development, Pearson Scott Neeley, National Training Manager, Newell Rubbermaid Frank Shaffer, CEO, CGFNS International Irish Kennedy Smothers, President, Kennedy Smothers & Associates Kee Meng Yeo, Director, Global Learning and Development, Amway TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 20122012 / A Training Industry, Training Industry Quarterly, Winter / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine / ezine / 33

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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012
From Where I Sit: The Age of Personal Learning
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The Discipline of Instructive Coversation
Real' Learning: The Role of Context
Context, Connectivity and Community
Don't Be Afraid of Feelings in the Workplace
Peer-to-Peer: The Future of Learning
User-Generated Content
It's All About the Social. Or is it?
Informal Learning: The Dawn of a Profitable New Era
Harvesting Creativity through Social Media
Connect, Learn, Share, Innovate: How to Begin Your Social Media Journey
Casebook: Marriott: Accommodating IT Training
How Long Does it Take to Get Fully Productive?
Tweet Suite
Company News
Closing Arguments: The Social Network

Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012