Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012 - (Page 42)

SOCIAL MEDIA Tweet Suite The training industry regularly shares ideas, resources and inspirations through social media sites like Twitter. Here’s a snapshot of some current conversations from around the industry and around the world. Kenexa HR Institute Kenexa_HR_Inst RT @RosabethKanter: W When will beliefs & theories about business catch up with how the great companies operate? Sandler Training SandlerTraining Believe you can and you’re halfway there. - Theodore Roosevelt Shawn Murphy shawmu Courageous Career Coaching – Ten Questions Trusted Leaders Aren’t Afraid to Ask vu4ucm via @RandyConley Tim O’Reilly timoreilly by ObjectComputing Fabulous New Yorker piece about the importance of tweakers vs inventors, using Steve Jobs as an example via @digiphile OutStart Inc. outstart How to Make Employee Training a Winning Investment w0fmq8 MTD Sales Training sales_training Mind the Gap: Increasing Sales Through Identifying Potential Opportunities - http://tinyurl. com/34sm27j Judy Unrein jkunrein by ExpertusONE @brentschlenker: “At the end of the day, it’s not about the technology. It’s about the people.” And that’s #devlearn. Ken Blanchard kenblanchard Employee Engagement? The best E consultants are already on your payroll: 5 steps to finding them pq1jR-Bo Stuart Allen St stuartallenFCMI Looking to drive key staff L behaviours via incentives? Use b “creative carrots” rather than cash “c says #CIPD Conf Speaker. s Intrepid Learning IntrepidLS “T social aspect of learning “The is fundamental… therefore not a novelty that has appeared alongside Web 2.0.” a h Miles Austin milesaustin Change: Prepare For The Inevitable via @ danielnewmanUV Nigel Paine ebase Deloitte: Employers spend 50x what they spend on training a manager, recruiting a manager. Make a connection & join the discussion: • Join the LinkedIn group • Follow on Twitter • Like the page on Facebook 42 Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2012 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /!/trainingindustr!/Kenexa_HR_Inst!/kenblanchard!/jkunrein!/RosabethKanter!/bschlenker!/search?q=%23devlearn!/SandlerTraining!/stuartallenFCMI!/milesaustin!/danielnewmanUV!/search?q=%23CIPD!/shawmu!/IntrepidLS!/ebase!/RandyConley!/timoreilly!/sales_training!/digiphile!/outstart!/trainingindustr

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012

Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012
From Where I Sit: The Age of Personal Learning
Table of Contents
Ad Index
The Discipline of Instructive Coversation
Real' Learning: The Role of Context
Context, Connectivity and Community
Don't Be Afraid of Feelings in the Workplace
Peer-to-Peer: The Future of Learning
User-Generated Content
It's All About the Social. Or is it?
Informal Learning: The Dawn of a Profitable New Era
Harvesting Creativity through Social Media
Connect, Learn, Share, Innovate: How to Begin Your Social Media Journey
Casebook: Marriott: Accommodating IT Training
How Long Does it Take to Get Fully Productive?
Tweet Suite
Company News
Closing Arguments: The Social Network

Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012