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LEADERSHIP 2.0 | KEN BLANCHARD & SCOTT BLANCHARD EVERYONE NEEDS A SUPPORT GROUP WHEN DOING SOMETHING NEW SUPERCHARGE YOUR NEXT LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE A successful leadership development initiative requires two things — great content and great design. It’s in the design phase of the initiative where most organizations usually struggle. A focus on design is one of the best ways to improve the adoption and success of any leadership training program. Here are three powerful practices that you may want to consider using in your next leadership initiative. • FLIP THE CLASSROOM On the first day of most leadership training sessions attendees will open participant workbooks, receive an introduction to the content, and then learn the material step by step. There will then be a brief skill-building practice to test for knowledge and understanding, and then planning will be conducted for when participants return to work. This tried-and-true method of teaching has been the standard for years. However, organizations are under increasing pressure to condense the learning and limit the amount of time people are away from the job. One solution to this is flipping the classroom — a concept that is familiar within educational circles and that has tremendous potential with adult learners as well. At its core, “flipping” refers to the practice of using technology as much as possible to teach content before participants set foot in a physical classroom. This way, more time can be spent actually building and practicing skills while everyone is together. Rather than using the classroom to teach content, people use the classroom to practice what they’ve learned. • CREATE A SUPPORT SYSTEM Getting leaders to adopt recently learned behaviors and helping them cope with returning to their current work environment is a challenge. Even the most determined leader will find it a challenge to practice new behaviors in an old environment — there is always a lot of inertia to overcome. For years, we have encouraged leaders to enlist others in their personal change efforts by teaching people around them what they’ve learned. We are making that process easier by allowing leaders to share class materials more freely with direct reports. Providing materials to a team instead of just one person has a dual benefit: the organization not only gets an individual but a whole team moving in the right direction. The leader has a like-minded, built-in support group to help them follow through on what they learned in class. Everyone needs a support group when they are doing something new. Without support, the odds of real behavior change are stacked against you. • USE TECHNOLOGY EFFECTIVELY Technology works best when it allows users to do something more easily or effectively than was previously possible. When it comes to training, pre-filled forms and diagnostic apps save time and key strokes, while giving managers and direct reports an easy way to build new habits. Today, it is possible to create an online learning resource that provides access to critical tools, on-demand videos and other content so learners can refresh their knowledge conveniently. Tablet-friendly e-tools and mobile apps allow individuals to access content from remote devices and easily share that information with team members and colleagues. LEADERSHIP TRAINING AT THE SPEED OF BUSINESS Just about everyone these days is looking for a faster, more effective way of getting people up to speed on all of the tasks they face. If you are a learning professional charged with developing skills in people, take a look at how flipping the classroom, applying a group-based approach to individual learning, and utilizing available technology can help improve the process. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make in moving your people from knowing to doing. Scott Blanchard is the co-founder of Blanchard Certified. Ken Blanchard is the best-selling co-author of The One Minute Manager® and 50 other books on leadership — most recently, Trust Works! Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships. You can follow Ken Blanchard on Twitter @KenBlanchard or @LeaderChat and also via the HowWeLead and LeaderChat blogs. Email Scott and Ken. Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine / 11

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