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TRACKING TRENDS | KEN TAYLOR INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGIES INTO TRAINING REQUIRES A FINE BALANCE TOOLS FOR SUPPORTING SALES COACHING Integrating tools and technologies into your learning or training initiative requires a fine balance — picking tools that help enable learning, but in no way distract the learner from absorbing the content. But, what about tools that support a coach? for sales team development from 120 companies, were asked to share the current and planned use of a group of enabling tools and technologies that we have seen companies use to support coaching initiatives. Training Industry, Inc. recently conducted a research study on the sustainability of sales training programs with a focus on best practices. We looked at how companies support sales coaches, and found a few interesting parallels to the use of tools and technologies in the greater training environment. The participants, a mix of learning leaders and sales leaders responsible coaching. Emails, workshops and role playing topped the list with more than 70 percent adoption across our study group. Additionally, the lack of adoption of social tools, chats/forums, blogs and collaboration tools were also not surprising; none of which could crack more than 30 percent adoption. (See Figure 1). The tool choices we offered were a wide range of potential additions to the classic one-on-one coaching environment. Ideas such as role playing, short e-learning pieces, adding repositories dedicated to the coaching, and even gamification were all potential selections. The interesting data fell in the middle of the chart, with 48 percent of companies adopting video and webinars, and nearly 60 percent including repositories into their coaching solution. This focus on asynchronous aids paralleled a lot of the discussion and presentations from our 2013 Partnering for Performance conference, including using short form video. TOOLS CURRENTLY IN USE The results were not surprising for the tools and technologies that companies are currently using to support sales FIGURE 1: TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES CURRENTLY IN USE FOR SALES COACHING Emails 77.9% 72.8% 71.9% Workshops Role playing 59.3% Knowledge repository 48.2% Webinars Video 48.2% Short e-learning pieces 42.0% Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) 40.9% Reinforcement classes 40.2% Simulations 39.3% Wiki/e-library 31.5% Chat/forums 29.6% Blogs and microblogs 26.9% Social, collaborative learning tools Currently Use, Total N=118 25.2% Mobile learning 17.9% Gamification 7.8% 0% 44 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine /

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