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improving Learning Outcomes with a Bite-Sized Strategy B Y to maxImIze learnIng, traIners must streamlIne the delIvery of content In a way that resonates wIth learners a p a u l t e r r Y study by Ralph Burns found that the impact of a lecture is greatest in its first five minutes — after that, learners’ attention wanes and the effectiveness of the lecture drops. I’ve found that many traditional corporate training programs take a “data-dump” approach, either providing employees with lots of information and materials for them to review on their own time, or overwhelming employees with large amounts of information in long lectures. Either way, these types of programs make it difficult to retain course material, hindering their effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, these traditional programs are outdated: they do not meet the needs of the next generation of employees—those who want access to knowledge all the time and right away, on their terms, or as I like to call them, “active learners.” Cognitive psychologist George Miller argued in his 1956 Information Processing theory that short-term memory can hold from five to nine “chunks” of information, and that too much information given at one time is likely to be quickly forgotten. Rather Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine / 27

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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2013
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Guest Editor: A Brave New World
Extracting Learning From Work
Poor Behavior: Your Brain is Partly to Blame
How to Design Engaging Training Programs
The Missing Link in Learning
Don't Let Training Be Half-Baked
What the Latest Brain Research Tells Us about Designing Learning that Sticks
Motivation: The Key to Learning Transfer
Improving Learning Outcomes with a Bite-Sized Strategy
Adult Development: Predicting Learning Success
From One Brain to Another: What We've Learned about Learning
Formalizing Informal Learning
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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2013