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A LEADER’S ‘CRASHLESS’ COURSE: HELPING EMPLOYEES DRIVE CAREER DEVELOPMENT B Y B E V E R L Y Career development just might be the most simultaneously pressing and ignored leadership priority in business today. Study after organizational study confirms what any employee on the street can tell you: career development is getting far more lip service than lift off in most organizations. Yes, there are sophisticated systems and software. And of course, processes and paperwork are plentiful. But, these inanimate tools can’t, and don’t drive genuine development results. Managers and leaders recognize the problem, too. They experience the same K A Y E & J U L I E W I N K L E anemic attention to their own careers that employees report. For the most part, leaders know that development is important. They even know that it can drive critical business outcomes by activating engagement, discretionary effort, and greater levels of motivation. But, when asked why they don’t give it more attention, there is resounding unanimity: managers and leaders simply don’t have the time. Who’s going to argue with that? The workplace is busier and more congested than ever before and leaders bear the brunt of much of it. Their already overflowing platters of priorities are the consistent recipients of additional G U I L I O N I mandates, requirements and activities. Their time and attention are sliced paper-thin. Unfortunately, career development is a casualty, being forever moved forward on to-do lists until too frequently it falls off altogether. None of this needs to be a death sentence for career development. It just means that we need to reframe the task to fit within today’s workplace. And, we need to reframe the roles that managers and employees alike must play to make it happen. TURNING OVER THE KEYS Given the events of the last several years as well as societal changes that have Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine / 39

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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2013
From Where I Sit: Talent Management: An Emerging Business Strategy
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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2013