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DeVry: GROWING TALENT WITH BLENDED LEARNING SOLUTIONS B Y In today’s workplace, a one-size-fitsall learning curriculum no longer fits the mold. From generation gaps to gender differences, a diverse workforce requires a flexible and blended learning solution to effectively support talent. DeVry understands that a learnercentered curriculum is necessary in today’s evolving business world. With the training industry rapidly changing, it’s imperative that organizations prepare colleagues to efficiently manage this shifting landscape. M I C H E L L E E G G L E S T O N DeVry is the parent organization of 10 educational institutions worldwide. Its purpose is to empower its students to achieve their educational and career goals. And, it is also helping its nearly 14,000 colleagues throughout the organization meet their career goals by offering educational programs that develop DeVry’s leadership. Nancy Johnson, Vice President of Talent at DeVry, said the organization empowers its colleagues to take advantage of a multitude of resources to grow their knowledge, skills and leadership capabilities to advance their careers at DeVry. “Historically, we’ve been fairly traditional and taught in the classroom setting, but have recognized that our colleagues and leaders are looking for more flexible ways for us to reach them and not just with classroombased learning,” she said. “While many of our courses begin with a classroombased offering, we’ve started migrating to virtual delivery. We’ve developed Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine / 43

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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2013
From Where I Sit: Talent Management: An Emerging Business Strategy
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Guest Editor: Lessons from Shakespeare
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Dealing with Trust Issues
Younger Boss, Older Worker
Four Skills Needed in the Future Workplace
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How to Optimize Behavior Change for Business Impact
Addressing the Skilled Trade Crisis
Cultural Differences in Training
Gender Communication in the Workplace
Meeting the Needs of Gen Y Learners
A Leaders 'Crashless' Course: Helping Employees Drive Career Development
DeVry: Growing Talent with Blended Learning Solutions
Live Face-to-Face Training Still Leads the Way
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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2013