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IN THIS ISSUE THO U G H T L EA DE R S 3 FROM WHERE I SIT 13 BY DOUG HARWARD BY CLAIRE RAINES Building a strong talent pipeline is a must. Doug Learning how to communicate with a mix of generations Harward explores the challenges of developing a talent management strategy. will be essential to effectively working together. 7 AT THE EDITOR’S DESK PEOPLE @ WORK 15 21ST CENTURY TRAINING BY CONNIE MALAMED This issue’s guest editor, Michelle Blieberg of Time Warner, questions whether to be transparent with top talent. Knowledge is power. Help employees thrive in the future workplace by focusing on four types of skills. 9 CONNECTIONS 17 PERFORMANCE MATTERS BY CHARLES JENNINGS BY CONRAD GOTTFREDSON & BOB MOSHER There is a growing need for learning leaders to step To survive and thrive in today’s world, organizations must beyond the training solution to support employees. be able to learn at or above the speed of change. 11 LEADERSHIP 2.0 46 TRACKING TRENDS BY SCOTT BLANCHARD & KEN BLANCHARD BY KEN TAYLOR Build trust in your organization by using four key Even with advances in technology, live face-to-face attributes to develop trusting relationships. training is still leading the way for soft skills training. ADINDEX YOU’RE JUST ONE CLICK AWAY FROM THE INDUSTRY’S LEADING SUPPLIERS. 2 ECORNELL 22 PEARSON 6 GP STRATEGIES 26 XEROX 8 TOP 20 TRAINING OUTSOURCING COMPANIES 30 AMERICAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITY 10 CGS 34 RAYTHEON PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 12 INTREPID 38 ACCLIVUS R3 SOLUTIONS 14 THE KEN BLANCHARD COMPANIES 42 TOP 20 SALES TRAINING COMPANIES 16 PARTNERING FOR PERFORMANCE CONFERENCE 50 MICROTEK 18 NIIT Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine / 5

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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2013
From Where I Sit: Talent Management: An Emerging Business Strategy
Table of Contents
Ad Index
Guest Editor: Lessons from Shakespeare
Beyond Training
Dealing with Trust Issues
Younger Boss, Older Worker
Four Skills Needed in the Future Workplace
Survive & Thrive with Performance Support
How to Optimize Behavior Change for Business Impact
Addressing the Skilled Trade Crisis
Cultural Differences in Training
Gender Communication in the Workplace
Meeting the Needs of Gen Y Learners
A Leaders 'Crashless' Course: Helping Employees Drive Career Development
DeVry: Growing Talent with Blended Learning Solutions
Live Face-to-Face Training Still Leads the Way
Tweet Suite
Company News

Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2013