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Key Trends for 2013: Sustainability & the Changing Role of the Learning Leader I b y d o u g h A r w A r d ity. They need the help of the executive team to provide the resources to make training effective. And they need support from the various line functions to leverage internal and external knowledge, so it can be made available in ways that allow the learner to get the information they need, when they need it, and in the modality that is most useful. What we find most interesting about the trends for 2013 is how closely related they are to those of the past few years. It just goes to show that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Taking a look forward, here is our fifth annual perspective of important trends and predictions for the coming year. 19 n previous years, our key trends report has focused on how learning is becoming a more personalized experience driven by the availability of evolving technologies. As the learner continues on this path of personalized learning and has more opportunities to access knowledge-based content from multiple sources, the responsibility of the learning leader to become a solutions architect has become evident. To steal a popular phrase, “It takes a village” represents how the leader needs to enlist the help of other villagers (departments or resources) to participate in the learners’ experience to ensure effective and efficient learning. Essentially, the role of the training organization, as is The learning leader is aT The forefronT of change in corporaTe Training the role of the learning leader, is to provide knowledge-based services that improve the performance of the business. As we move into a new year, it is clear to our team that the learning leader is at the forefront of change in corporate training. Learning leaders assume a lot of responsibil- Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2013
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Guest Editor: Learning Enables High Performance
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An Equation for Success in Any Economy
4 Generations: Managing the Mix
The New Role of 21st Century Training
Don't Let Training Be a Waste of Time
Key Trends for 2013: Sustainability & the Changing Role of the Learning Leader
Collaborative Leadership for Building Trust & Driving Business Results
Delivering on the Promise of Social Learning
Three Emerging Trends in Sales Training
Building Strategic Learning Linkages: Mapping & Measuring Your Learning Strategy
High-Definition Learning: A New Competitive Advantage
Casebook: Wells Fargo Advisors: 5 Best Practices for Merger Training Programs
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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2013