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Three Emerging Trends in Sales Training b y he world of B2B selling and buying is changing, requiring new approaches to the design, content and deployment of learning. Executives at global companies agree. Sales teams are facing increases in the power of purchasing organizations, the amount of committee decision making, and the intensity of global competition in the sales process. They also point out challenges to selling success from within their organizations, such as a dramatic increase in the amount of technology and information sales professionals must manage, and growing pressure to maximize field selling time (often achieved by r o n d ’ A n d r e A tions have responded by: • Delivering more of their content online in mobile, media-supported, and self-paced formats. • Providing more access to training reinforcement tools that are delivered through sales portals and CRM systems. • Implementing advanced sales and negotiation training to augment basic selling skills curricula to address the increasing involvement of demanding purchasing professionals in the buying process. • Delivering more coaching skills training to managers. Although these developments are clear 31 T companies are now demanding ThaT sales Training noT jusT deliver skills and Tools, buT do iT in ways ThaT helps selling happen fasTer minimizing time spent in the classroom). In this environment, it is not surprising that many sales training organiza- Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2013
Tracking Trends: A Thought on Trends
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Guest Editor: Learning Enables High Performance
The Power of Reflection
An Equation for Success in Any Economy
4 Generations: Managing the Mix
The New Role of 21st Century Training
Don't Let Training Be a Waste of Time
Key Trends for 2013: Sustainability & the Changing Role of the Learning Leader
Collaborative Leadership for Building Trust & Driving Business Results
Delivering on the Promise of Social Learning
Three Emerging Trends in Sales Training
Building Strategic Learning Linkages: Mapping & Measuring Your Learning Strategy
High-Definition Learning: A New Competitive Advantage
Casebook: Wells Fargo Advisors: 5 Best Practices for Merger Training Programs
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Closing Arguments: Must-See Technology

Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2013