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LEVERAGING C U STO M LEARNING INITIATIVES BY JAYAKANTH C M Each technology wave brings forth a plethora of new experiences, newer or improved devices, often in the shape of a new platform, a software development kit (SDK) or a programming language. Confronted with this change are the programmers who are constantly required to gear-up, get up to speed and deliver efficient software. Add to that mix, the learning and development (L&D) team shouldering the burden of responsibility in managing expectations. A shift in thought leadership allows L&D administrators to benefit immensely by leveraging a mix of custom learning initiatives and cost-free learning objects available online. New-age chief learning officers (CLOs) and L&D administrators involved in technology training in particular, have started rattling their minds to create a platform that steers through the usual challenges such as sunken cost, short timelines, diverse learning requirements, learning styles, audiences, and on floor challenges of individual learners. But, can such a platform be created? And if so, how? CONCEPTUALIZATION Each year, learning administrators are required to create a number of learning objects to teach basics concepts, syntax, and the howto's of working with integrated development environments (IDEs) to a sizable number of new hires and technology migrants. Almost all of these types of learning interventions can be taken directly from many credible sources including the creators of the IDEs or individual contributors. Learning can happen anywhere - either using learning objects that are available within the institution or those available publicly. The challenge, however, is in managing the quality and availability of these public learning objects. Learning administrators need a flexible platform and a credible method of evaluating the quality of their interventions. The effectiveness of the learning interventions is based on the mastery of the learned skill and the utility of the skill with reference TRAINING INDUSTRY MAGAZINE - FALL2014 I WWW.TRAININGINDUSTRY.COM/MAGAZINE 21

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Guest Editor: Improving Sales Onboarding Effectiveness
An Emerging View of Learning Content
Manager Compassion: The Antidote of the Revolving Door
Balance and Praxis
Giving Old Content New Life
Leveraging Custom Learning Initiatives
Contextual Anchoring in Learning Design
Training for Performance Improvement: A Carrot or A Stick?
Rewiring Your Learning
Working with Subject Matter Experts
What's Your ROI for Content Development?
Casebook: Manitoba Hydro: Powering Up with e-Learning
Design Considerations for Content Delivery
Improving Online Learning Performance
A Brain-based Approach to Developing Training Content
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Training Industry Magazine - Fall 2014