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F E AT U R E S 16 LEVERAGING GAMIFICATION 16 20 25 29 33 36 41 44 25 GAMIFICATION IN SALES 44 ROLL THE DICE WHAT L&D PROFESSIONALS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GAMIFICATION By Karl M. Kapp Leveraging gamification as a professional learning tool starts with understanding the pros and cons. ENHANCING LEARNING WITH SOCIAL MEDIA By Kapil Bhasin Social media offers an effective and fun means for meeting strategic business objectives. GAMIFICATION IN SALES TRAINING: SEVEN CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS BEFORE THE GAMES BEGIN By Jeb Brooks Deciding on the inclusion of gamification in sales training initiatives requires careful consideration. LET THE DISRUPTION BEGIN: SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE GREAT EXPANSION OF ENTERPRISE LEARNING By Phil Antonelli & John Lane Learning professionals must find new ways to create value, in order to thrive in today's business world. LEARNING MADE FUN: GADGETS, GAMES AND A SAFE PLACE TO EXPLORE By Ian Huckabee & Tracy Bissette Developing fun learning experiences could inspire learners and drive long-term business success. HOW SILICON VALLEY INSPIRED AN ERA OF SOCIAL LEARNING By Jason Corsello The social media boom has accelerated peer-to-peer learning, and it's time for businesses to invest in it. HOW GAMES DRIVE LEARNING By Gregg Collins, Ph.D. Drama enhances learning, and games are an effective way to leverage engagement in training programs. ROLL THE DICE: LEARNING WITH BOARD GAMES By J S Manoj Koundinya Games have the ability to drive behavioral change that could ultimately boost workplace performance. T R A I N I N G I N DUSTR Y MA GAZ INE - SPRING20 1 4 I WWW.TRAINI NGINDU S T RY . C OM/ MAGAZ I NE 5

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Guest Editor: Do You Feel Lucky?
Network Performance: The Power of Social Learning and Behavior
Meaningful Work: Not Just for Millennials
Four Levels of Engagement
What L&D Professionals Need to Know about Gamification
Enhancing Learning with Social Media
Gamification in Sales Training: Seven Critical Considerations Before the Games Begin
Let the Disruption Begin: Social Media and the Great Expansion of Enterprise Learning
Learning Made Fun: Gadgets, Games and a Safe Place to Explore
How Silicon Valley Inspired an Era of Social Learning
How Games Drive Learning
Roll the Dice: Learning with Board Games
Casebook: BAE Systems: Speeding the Business of Learning through Collaboration and Knowledge Management
Salespeople, Coaching and Gamification
Three Ways to Make Learning More Engaging
Stop Creating Dysfunctional Relationships with Employees
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Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2014