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Q U A R T E R LY I S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 Lat th e D ING EA S P E E D of BUSINESS PREPARING FOR CHANGE Tips for Effectively Leading through a Merger and Acquisition THE CURRENCY OF TRUST Understanding the Profit Potential in High-Trust Business Cultures LEADING WITH PURPOSE Leveraging Mindfulness to Enhance Learning and Drive Results BUSINESS PERSPECTIVES ON MANAGING WORLD-CLASS TRAINING

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Summer 2014

From Where I Sit
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Developing Emerging Talent Pipelines
The Inherent Inertia of Training
Stop Harping on Generational Differences
Learning to Live the Brand
Leading through a Merger and Acquisition
Organizational Change through Applied Learning
Influencing without Line Authority: A Key Skill for Virtual Project Managers
The Currency of Trust: The Difference between Flourishing and Floundering
Building Buy-in for Learning Investments
Sales Winners Sell Differently: How Selling Is and Isn't Changing
From Mind-Full to Mindful: The Intention/Instruction Intersection
The Implications of Organizational Forgetting
Casebook: ADP: Improving Sales Process Effectiveness
Sustaining Training's Impact
Managing at the Speed of Business
Becoming an Authentic Leader
What's Online
Company News

Training Industry Magazine - Summer 2014