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CASEBOOK BY MICHELLE EGGLESTON IMPROVING SALES PROCESS EFFECTIVENESS Getting new sales associates in the door and up to speed as quickly as possible is crucial in today's marketplace. After all, time is money in the sales industry. With little time to waste and a focus on longterm sustainability, onboarding sales training must be efficient and given in bite-sized increments to effectively and quickly prepare sales teams to meet business goals. With an eye on speed and agility, Automatic Data Processing (ADP) remains focused on improving sales process effectiveness to drive revenue growth. '' ADP is well-versed with developing effective business processes. And, as one of the largest providers of business processing and cloudbased solutions - including payroll, talent management and human resource management - ADP serves more than 600,000 organizations with 6,500 worldwide sales associates. Through research, analytics and roundtables, the ADP training team realized it needed to find a better way to sustain training and retain employees. With a long-term goal to retain its sales force, ADP focused its efforts on developing an effective training solution, Scheer explained. DEVELOPING A SOLUTION - Audra Scheer, ADP Making the sales associates more productive, more quickly and retaining top talent is topof-mind for the training team at ADP. Working to ensure training goals are aligned with business goals, the training team - including the delivery team, the content development team and the leadership development team - created a competency-based training model that would give salespeople the information they needed, when they needed it. "Our goal is to deliver an innovative learning experience that drives sales productivity and continued sales growth," said Audra Scheer, Senior Director of Employer Services, Worldwide "The way the market is changing today, there's no question that our buyers have more access to information than ever before," Scheer said. "They can do so much research before they have to interact with our sales team. If we're going to be If we're going to be successful and increase productivity, we have to focus on what our sales associates need to know and when they need to know it." 48 Sales Operations at ADP. "We're also looking to simplify our execution. We have implemented agile teams to promote speed, agility and flexibility in what we are creating and delivering in terms of learning experiences to sales associates. This approach has ensured we have full alignment between content, delivery, and leadership learning in order to consistently drive productivity and sales growth."

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Guest Editor: Developing Emerging Talent Pipelines
The Inherent Inertia of Training
Stop Harping on Generational Differences
Learning to Live the Brand
Leading through a Merger and Acquisition
Organizational Change through Applied Learning
Influencing without Line Authority: A Key Skill for Virtual Project Managers
The Currency of Trust: The Difference between Flourishing and Floundering
Building Buy-in for Learning Investments
Sales Winners Sell Differently: How Selling Is and Isn't Changing
From Mind-Full to Mindful: The Intention/Instruction Intersection
The Implications of Organizational Forgetting
Casebook: ADP: Improving Sales Process Effectiveness
Sustaining Training's Impact
Managing at the Speed of Business
Becoming an Authentic Leader
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Training Industry Magazine - Summer 2014