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Q U A R T E R LY I W I N T E R 2 0 1 4 EMERGING TRENDS RE SP O N S I V E DE SIG N Optimizing Learning Experiences for All Devices T HE F UT UR E O F SA L E S TR A IN I NG Raising the Bar for Customer Engagement T H E L A N G UAGE OF MEASUREMENT Identifying When to Assess, Evaluate and Test BUSINESS PERSPECTIVES ON MANAGING WORLD-CLASS TRAINING 1

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Winter 2014

Tracking Trends
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Meeting Today's Learning Consumers Where They Are
Facilitating Change
How Smart Leaders Squash Employee Entitlement
The Reskilling of Design
Responsive Design and Learning Solutions
Women, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Key Trends for 2014: Shifting to Business-Centric Learning
The Promise of Badges for Learning and Development
The Business Leader's Bottom Line: Aligning Learning with Organizational Needs
Raising the Bar: The Impact of Sales Training on Effective Customer Engagement
The Language of Measurement: When to Assess, Evalutate and Test
Casebook: Combined Insurance: Ensuring Efficient Sales Training via Mobile Learning
The Challenge of Workplace Re-entry After Training
The Learning Shift: From Event to Process
What's Online
Company News

Training Industry Magazine - Winter 2014