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TRACKING TRENDS - KE N TAY LOR It's the time of year where we encourage our readership to reflect on what they have done to improve the impact their organization has on the business they support. We have also reached out to our network of thought leaders to assemble a first look at some of the trends that are taking shape in our industry. This edition of the magazine is clearly my favorite, since its theme closely aligns with the way I constantly look at our industry. This issue covers an array of ideas and directions that hopefully challenges or reinforces your current way of thinking. Our objective was to capture a set of trends that enable progress across the industry. Though the ideas may not all be new, we hope that their context and even their application will be enough to provide you with motivation to adopt a few as your own. To start the new year of our magazine, we have made a series of changes that I'm proud to share with you. As we close in on our 30,000th subscriber, we took the opportunity to refresh and re-launch the publication as Training Industry Magazine with a new look and feel, while remaining committed to the same principles we have held close through our first five years of publishing. I would be remiss if I didn't start by thanking our dedicated editorial board for their continued guidance, and for acting as a sounding board when it comes to making certain that our stories are true to the current realities of the leaders of today's training organizations. We continue to be the industry's only peer-reviewed magazine, and stay committed to that approach. We have also added three new columns to this year's lineup, with Robert Becker, Tasha Eurich, and Anne Dranitsaris and Heather DranitsarisHilliard. We feel they add a fresh perspective to the issues and challenges emerging in the industry. You will also see two recurring columns with Charles Jennings, and Ken Blanchard and Scott Blanchard. We welcome them back for another year to continue sharing their insights and viewpoints on the world of training. OUR OBJECTIVE WAS TO CAPTURE A SET OF TRENDS THAT ENABLE PROGRESS. We have also added more featured articles to each of the next four editions of the magazine, as the interest in publishing with Training Industry continues to grow stronger. We feel that we need to retain the flexibility to react to emerging trends, new ideas and news-driven topics to keep each edition of the magazine as relevant to readers as we possibly can, and we believe the additional features will help us achieve that goal. As with all change, we make these changes with excitement, and confidence. We hope you like the changes to Training Industry Magazine, and as always, I look forward to your comments and feedback as we move through 2014. Ken Taylor is editor-in-chief of Training Industry Magazine and chief operating officer of Training Industry, Inc. Email Ken. TRAINING INDUSTRY MAGAZINE - WINTER2014 I WWW.TRAININGINDUSTRY.COM/MAGAZINE 3

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Tracking Trends
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Meeting Today's Learning Consumers Where They Are
Facilitating Change
How Smart Leaders Squash Employee Entitlement
The Reskilling of Design
Responsive Design and Learning Solutions
Women, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Key Trends for 2014: Shifting to Business-Centric Learning
The Promise of Badges for Learning and Development
The Business Leader's Bottom Line: Aligning Learning with Organizational Needs
Raising the Bar: The Impact of Sales Training on Effective Customer Engagement
The Language of Measurement: When to Assess, Evalutate and Test
Casebook: Combined Insurance: Ensuring Efficient Sales Training via Mobile Learning
The Challenge of Workplace Re-entry After Training
The Learning Shift: From Event to Process
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Training Industry Magazine - Winter 2014