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W H AT ' S ONLINE TRAININGINDUSTRY.COM A RTICLES ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE LESSONS FROM THE BOSTON RED SOX I By Nabeel Jaitapker A strong organization culture is critical to solidify employee commitment and increase performance. DO WE REALLY NEED RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN? I By Sanjay Ahuja There are important considerations for organizations to contemplate before committing to responsive web design. WHAT KIDS CAN TEACH US ABOUT PROFESSIONAL TRAINING I By Vishal Shah Adopting trends from the academic sector has the potential to improve professional learning and development. DELIVERING DYNAMIC AND ENGAGING CONTENT TO MOBILE DEVICES (PART 1 OF 2) I By Mike Stacy Developing a mobile content strategy allows organizations to deliver rich and engaging content to all devices. BLOGS RESEARCH WEBINARS FINDING THE THE GUIDE TO SUSTAINING INFORMAL LEARNING: ENERGY TO LEAD THE IMPACT OF REINFORCEMENT WITH THE Don Brown SALES TRAINING MOTIVATION BUILT IN Leadership is a contact sport and requires passion and happiness. By Axiom Sales Force Development, LLC Discover how people really learn and trends reshaping corporate training. and Training Industry, Inc. DEVELOPING EXCEPTIONAL SALES WHAT'S THE FEAR? DJ Mitsch WTF has a new definition and meaning. PROFESSIONALS By Executive Conversation, Inc. and Training Industry, Inc. THINKING OUTSIDE THE TRADITIONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT BOX Develop better leaders by infusing engaging concepts. FOLLOW US 54

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Winter 2014

Tracking Trends
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Meeting Today's Learning Consumers Where They Are
Facilitating Change
How Smart Leaders Squash Employee Entitlement
The Reskilling of Design
Responsive Design and Learning Solutions
Women, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Key Trends for 2014: Shifting to Business-Centric Learning
The Promise of Badges for Learning and Development
The Business Leader's Bottom Line: Aligning Learning with Organizational Needs
Raising the Bar: The Impact of Sales Training on Effective Customer Engagement
The Language of Measurement: When to Assess, Evalutate and Test
Casebook: Combined Insurance: Ensuring Efficient Sales Training via Mobile Learning
The Challenge of Workplace Re-entry After Training
The Learning Shift: From Event to Process
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Training Industry Magazine - Winter 2014