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Just What Employees Ordered: Personalized Adaptive Learning By Steve Swink Photo Credit: Frank Leon A s mobile devices and social media make inroads within the training industry, can learning and development (L&D) professionals leverage and manage these resources to develop truly personalized and adaptive learning? Can big data be granulated to allow instant branching and create truly prescriptive modules? As millennials become the largest cohort in the workplace and technologies accelerate expectations and shrink attention spans, will traditional delivery methods give way to more collaborative, synergistic experiences? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this year, millennials will become the workforce majority, and by 2030, this technology-savvy and connected group will comprise three-quarters of the U.S. workforce. In fewer than five years, many predict there will be three times more Internet-connected devices than humans on earth. Add it all up, and we can conclude that the shelf life of most training content is decaying faster than ever before. While these statistics may seem foreboding, they also offer exciting new opportunities to deliver better, cheaper and faster learning. LEVERAGING BIG DATA TO GRANULATE LEARNING EXPERIENCES If you've ever shopped online with a retailer like Amazon, you've seen big data used to personalize your shopping experience. Retailers' computer engines chew through B IG DATA, BETTER O U TCO ME S During its pilot program with IBM Research, Skillsoft evaluated user interaction from direct email response behavior, learning patterns and user surveys. They found patterns indicating improved engagement with learning content, including the following data: 29% USER ENGAGEMENT WITH CONTENT IMPROVED OF USERS CLICKED ON AT LEAST ONE RECOMMENDATION IN THEIR FIRST EMAIL OPENED. T R A I N I N G I N DUSTR Y MA GAZ INE - FALL201 5 I WWW.TRAININGINDU S T RY . C OM/ MAGAZ I NE 128% COMPARED TO THE BASELINE. 84% OF USERS STATED THAT ONE OR MORE RECOMMENDATIONS WERE RELEVANT TO THEM. 25

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Delivery: Is This Where Technology Changes the Game?
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Guest Editor: The Pendulums Swing
Access Trumps Knowledge: Changes for Training Delivery
Hardwired to Learn
Using a Blended Approach When Crafting a Training Delivery Strategy
Planning, Developing and Implementing Serious Games
Let's Get Serious about Live, Instructor-led Training
Just What Employees Ordered: Personalized Adaptive Learning
Training with Pictures, Not Bullet Points
Anti-Social Learning?
Using Microlearning and Information Design to Elevate Soft Skills Training
How Improvisation Can Drive Employee Engagement
Accelerating Expertise with Simulations
Technology and Trends Driving the China Training Market
Helping Buyers of Training Services Become More Savvy
Are Bad Communication Habits Holding You Back?
Measuring the ROI of Social Media within Your Organization
Closing Deals
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Training Industry Magazine - Fall 2015