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W H AT ' S ONLINE T R A I N I N G I N D U S T R Y. C O M A RTICLES HOW TO COMBAT DISENGAGEMENT BY GAMIFYING YOUR BUSINESS I By Nolan Hout Remember these do's and don'ts when incorporating gamification into your training portfolio. LCMS VS LMS: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? I By Sarah Danzl Utilizing an LCMS in conjunction with the LMS that is already in place can provide greater value. SOCIAL MEDIA TURNS CORPORATE ONBOARDING UPSIDE DOWN I By Karl Mehta Just-in-time learning standardizes onboarding for consistency across the entire enterprise. SIMULATION: MORE THAN JUST AN APPLICATION TOOL I By Amy Happ Simulation is a valuable learning tool that enables collaboration and creates a fun experience. BLOGS RESEARCH WEBINARS BYOD: THE PROS SOURCING TRAINING STOP PRESENTING BORING AND CONS FOR SOLUTIONS: BEST PRACTICES CONTENT: NEW SCIENCE YOUR E-LEARNING FOR THE BEST PARTNERSHIP OF PRESENTATIONS By Seamus Hand By The Training Associates and Training Industry, Inc. AMPLIFY YOUR COACHING: A BEST PRACTICES IN DESIGN BRIDGING TOOL AND DELIVERY OF SALES FOR HR AND TALENT TRAINING PROGRAMS MANAGEMENT? By Richardson and Training Industry, Inc. WEBINAR MESSAGE WITH THESE TIPS: PART 1 By Marina Theodotou FOLLOW US 58

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Fall 2015

Delivery: Is This Where Technology Changes the Game?
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: The Pendulums Swing
Access Trumps Knowledge: Changes for Training Delivery
Hardwired to Learn
Using a Blended Approach When Crafting a Training Delivery Strategy
Planning, Developing and Implementing Serious Games
Let's Get Serious about Live, Instructor-led Training
Just What Employees Ordered: Personalized Adaptive Learning
Training with Pictures, Not Bullet Points
Anti-Social Learning?
Using Microlearning and Information Design to Elevate Soft Skills Training
How Improvisation Can Drive Employee Engagement
Accelerating Expertise with Simulations
Technology and Trends Driving the China Training Market
Helping Buyers of Training Services Become More Savvy
Are Bad Communication Habits Holding You Back?
Measuring the ROI of Social Media within Your Organization
Closing Deals
Company News
What's Online
Training Talk

Training Industry Magazine - Fall 2015