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LESSONS LEARNED when TRAINING IS NOT ALIGNED WITH BUSINESS OBJECTIVES By A.D. Detrick A large financial services firm was challenged with increasing credit card sales to their existing customers. They organized and delivered new training for their customer service reps, then validated that the reps had gained the knowledge expected from the new program. While on paper the financial services company did everything right, they experienced trouble - credit card sales consistently declined in the two months post training. This left the training department scrambling, and management insisting that the training program be delivered a second time. This suggested that the problem was with the reps' retention. Before having the reps attend the training a second time, frontline managers were 18 questioned for insights as to what may have occurred. Turns out, management was instructing the service reps to push mortgage loans, as the home lending department was offering cash bonuses for prospective mortgage customers. The deeper research spotlighted the conflicting objectives. The reps and their managers had additional incentives that very likely changed their behavior all unknown to the training department.

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Training Industry Magazine - Training Outsourcing 2015 Special Edition