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PERSPECTIVES ON TRAINING OUTSOURCING - D OU G HARWAR D Since launching Training Industry, we have been focused on understanding the global training outsourcing market and what drives corporate executives to source training services. Our research has provided us a deeper understanding of buyer behavior, best practices, who the top suppliers are, and how companies spend for training services. THE GOOD NEWS IS THE DISCUSSION FOR TRAINING OUTSOURCING HAS MATURED. What we've learned during this time is while some things have changed quite a bit, others have stayed the same. What hasn't changed over the last 12 years are the basic services and capabilities that corporate training organizations are sourcing - training administration, content development, delivery, portfolio management, and technology support. But when looking at why companies are using outsource suppliers and the complexity and sophistication for which those services are being provided has continued to change. The fundamental driver for companies seeking a strategic partner for the management of their training activities use to be focused more on cost reduction. When we first started working with corporate leaders of training functions who were considering an outsourcing strategy, the conversation always began with a question about how much money could they save if they outsourced some or all of their training function. Unfortunately, many corporate leaders learned that reducing the cost of training didn't get them more value - it simply reduced the spend for getting less of what they were already doing. In addition, many confused the practice of outsourcing and offshoring, and often thought that you either outsourced or you didn't. The good news is the discussion for training outsourcing has matured. Leaders understand that outsourcing and offshoring are two different strategies, and that everyone outsources, or in some way sources one or more processes or activities within the training function. Rarely does any large company outsource every part of the training function. The conversations around training outsourcing have become more about what companies can do to get more value from training and how can they transform the training function into one that drives value for the business. This shift has been great news for training suppliers who have continued to improve their capabilities while remaining efficient in cost. This special edition of Training Industry Magazine is a collection of perspectives on the best practices of training outsourcing and where the market is heading. You will learn about some of the challenges training leaders are experiencing in how to transform their training function into one that is viewed as a strategic part of the enterprise. Doug Harward is CEO of Training Industry, Inc. and a former learning leader in the high-tech industry. Email Doug. TRAINING INDUSTRY MAGAZINE - OUTSOURCING2015 I SPECIAL EDITION I WWW.TRAININGINDUSTRY.COM/MAGAZINE 3

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Perspectives on Training Outsourcing
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Be the CEO of Your Learning Organization
Training as a Service: Making Training More Effective & Profitable
Finding the Right Training Partner to Minimize Risk in High Consequence Environments
Proving Your Relevance: How to Flex More Muscle Through Outsourcing
Defining the Link between Performance and Results
Higher Value Outsourcing: Moving to an Integrated Workforce Development Model
Five Steps to Ensure a Successful Shift to Digital Learning
I Don't Really Know' is No Longer an Option
Choosing the Right Training Partner & Modality to Achieve the Best Results
Transforming Learning and Development Through Training Outsourcing
Setting the 'Gold Standard' in Video E-Learning
10 Lessons for Success in Managed Learning
How to Select a Provider for Outsourcing Training Services
Three Rules to Begin a Great Partnership with a Custom E-Learning Provider
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Training Industry Magazine - Training Outsourcing 2015 Special Edition