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SETTING THE 'GOLD STANDARD' IN VIDEO E-LEARNING By Tom Bronikowski Empathos, an award-winning e-learning solutions provider in the field of suicide prevention, literally has a life or death mission - enabling professionals to be more effective, so that people at risk for suicide have better outcomes. That's why they set out to convert a proven, in-person clinical intervention program into a video learning course in hopes of reaching more clinicians, at a lesser cost, with a greater impact. The result was "Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: The CAMS Framework" - an online, evidence-based, suicide-specific clinical intervention course that's been shown through extensive research to effectively assess, treat and manage suicidal patients. "We chose to work with the brightest minds in suicide prevention, and assist in the transfer of science to service - that is, to move their evidence-based interventions from research journals to online videos where they could actually inform those in frontline practice," Denise Pazur, Empathos' director of strategic partnerships, explained. to do something different because clinicians can connect with video better. And if it's done properly, it should yield better results than live training because of its effective engagement." PROGRAM GOALS Empathos set out with three program goals: 1| Change clinician behavior via a more accessible and interactive video forum that "highly motivates viewers to learn something they can retain and use to improve patient outcomes." 2| Lower training and treatment costs: $159 video training costs (per person) vs. $1,500 for in-person training, and $3,000 for outpatient treatment vs. $10,000 for inpatient hospitalization. CHALLENGE Prior to Empathos' online course, clinicians wanting to learn the CAMS Framework had to attend in-person didactic training, which was inefficient, limiting and resource-intensive. "Seeing is believing. Data and case studies provide good info. But clinicians really need to see what you're talking about," Dr. David Jobes, CAMS' developer and internationally esteemed suicidologist and clinician/researcher, said. "We were excited 32 3| Elevate e-learning production by raising the bar for the training industry at large by delivering a highly engaging video with exceptional production value. "If you're going to spend the time and money to create video-based e-learning, you might as well do something with the insight, goals and design to make it successful," Dr. Jobes continued. INNOVATIVE DESIGN Key components of Empathos' innovative video design and production included: UNIQUE, REAL-LIFE PRODUCTION TO CREATE A COMPELLING 'FLY ON THE WALL' EXPERIENCE "We've heard time and again from clinicianlearners that they rarely get to see an expert clinician in session with a suicidal patient," Pazur explained. "So we decided to present Dr. Jobes and a 'patient' (Dr. Stephen O'Connor, who was actually his former graduate student) in a real-life clinical situation with multiple camera angles and cuts to give viewers a true 'fly on the wall' experience." UNSCRIPTED STORYTELLING TO BOOSTING LEARNING RETENTION AND MAKE THE SCENARIOS SEEM REAL "Having both worked with scores of suicidal patients over their careers, Dr. Jobes and O'Connor were confident in role-playing the scenes, basing their interaction on reallife experiences in clinical settings with patients," Pazur remarked. "Not only did this save Empathos time and money, but it also enabled us to create an unscripted, true-tolife scenario."

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