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3 RULES TO BEGIN A GREAT PARTNERSHIP WITH A CUSTOM E-LEARNING PROVIDER BY SARBANI MUKHERJEE The jury is no longer out on this one - outsourcing of learning services is indeed here to stay. Whether your organization wants to bring efficiencies to the learning function, implement a flexible resourcing model, deploy best-in-class learning and performance support strategies, or increase focus on core business activities, taking that first step in your outsourcing journey is never easy. Decisions need to be made on how to select the right partner, finalize the budget, engage with a steering committee to define the outsourcing strategy, and liaison with procurement. The list is endless. In all of this, there is also the fear of the unknown. The uncertainty of working with a team you've never known before and, seemingly, have little control over. But this is where it gets better. If your organization is ready to go down this path, you clearly are not going where no man (or woman) has gone before. With training outsourcing now gaining maturity, there are several best practices to make your initial steps a little easier. Let's examine three ground rules for a great partnership with a custom e-learning provider. Why e-learning? Simply because of the pace at which this industry is growing. An industry report indicated that the global market for e-learning was expected to cross $105 billion by the close of 2015. The 2014 Training Industry Report stated 29 percent of companies were planning to buy content development products and services this year. It would stand to reason, therefore, that for many this may well be the start of their e-learning outsourcing journey. But why custom e-learning? Due to the growing demand for solutions tailored to your organization's needs, custom e-learning can bring higher returns on investment and translate to better learning enabling performance. 40 The ground rules are the same, whether you opt for an offshore partner or one who's in your geography. These initial ground rules are for you to play by, no matter who the partner is and what their processes are. RULE 1: COMMUNICATE The partnership needs a significant investment of time from your side to make it work. And, one cannot stress enough on the importance of communication when beginning your partnership. Take the initiative to share information about your organization, its goals, branding and key messaging early on in the engagement. Most e-learning vendors have standard questionnaires that address all of these, but don't hesitate to share additional resources that will help your partner understand your environment better. Ensure there's representation from your team on every face-to-face interaction and conference call scheduled by your partner. Make it a point to clearly articulate your expectation from the engagement and give clear, actionable feedback at every stage of the engagement. Here are five action points to get started: 1| Help your e-learning partner understand your organizational structure, culture, immediate business drivers, and learning. 2| Share the branding and communication guidelines.

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Transforming Learning and Development Through Training Outsourcing
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Training Industry Magazine - Training Outsourcing 2015 Special Edition