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W H AT ' S ONLINE T R A I N I N G I N D U S T R Y. C O M A RTICLES BRINGING THE NEWBIE ONBOARD I By Jodi Beuder A well-managed onboarding program sets the machine in motion for new hires to feel welcome. TRANSFORM YOUR LEARNING FUNCTION TO MEET CHANGING BUSINESS NEEDS I By Joanne Casson The right managed learning service partner can help you transform your learning function. THREE REASONS YOU AREN'T MEETING THE NEEDS OF THE MODERN LEARNER I By Rachel DiGiammarino Your goal is to be a strategic partner that helps improve overall business performance. WHAT KIND OF PROBLEM ARE YOU TRYING TO SOLVE? I By Beth McGoldrick A blended front-end analysis can help uncover the real problem your organization is facing. BLOGS RESEARCH WEBINARS THE SECRET SAUCE BE A LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT A BLUEPRINT TO FOR STRATEGIC SUPERHERO USING BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS EXTERNAL PARTNERS TRAINING PROGRAMS By Tom Curry By The Training Associates and Training Industry, Inc. AHA'S AND UH-OHS: FIVE THINGS INFLUENCE IN LEADERSHIP TO CONSIDER DEVELOPMENT: BASES OF POWER WHEN SELECTING IN MODERN ORGANIZATIONS A TRAINING By The Center for Leadership Studies and Training Industry, Inc. PROVIDER BUILDING GREAT FIRST-LEVEL LEADERS By Ago Cluytens FOLLOW US 42,-its-wisdom.aspx

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Training Outsourcing 2015 Special Edition

Perspectives on Training Outsourcing
Table of Contents
Be the CEO of Your Learning Organization
Training as a Service: Making Training More Effective & Profitable
Finding the Right Training Partner to Minimize Risk in High Consequence Environments
Proving Your Relevance: How to Flex More Muscle Through Outsourcing
Defining the Link between Performance and Results
Higher Value Outsourcing: Moving to an Integrated Workforce Development Model
Five Steps to Ensure a Successful Shift to Digital Learning
I Don't Really Know' is No Longer an Option
Choosing the Right Training Partner & Modality to Achieve the Best Results
Transforming Learning and Development Through Training Outsourcing
Setting the 'Gold Standard' in Video E-Learning
10 Lessons for Success in Managed Learning
How to Select a Provider for Outsourcing Training Services
Three Rules to Begin a Great Partnership with a Custom E-Learning Provider
What's Online
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Training Industry Magazine - Training Outsourcing 2015 Special Edition