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W H AT ' S ONLINE T R A I N I N G I N D U S T R Y. C O M A RTICLES THREE WAYS TO COMMUNICATE AND CONNECT WITH EXECUTIVES I By Steve Mandel Diligently research and prepare to meet with executives to convey respect for their time. DON'T FORGET THE POSITIVE I By Darrell Burke Reinforcement of positive behaviors enables high performers to be high performing. NEGOTIATE WITH MANAGEMENT AND LEARNERS FOR BETTER OUTCOMES I By Marty Finkle Developing effective negotiation skills produces better bottom-line results. FIVE TIPS FOR GIVING SALES PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK I By Vishal Shah Deliver feedback that motivates the sales team and facilitates change. TO P 2 0 2015 TOP LEADERSHIP TRAINING COMPANIES RESEARCH WEBINARS BEST PRACTICES IN DESIGN AND FOUR LEADERSHIP DELIVERY OF SALES TRAINING BEHAVIORS THAT BUILD OR PROGRAMS DESTROY TRUST By Richardson and Training Industry, Inc. MAKING TRAINING STICK: 2014 TOP IT TRAINING COMPANIES TRAINING AND THE EMPLOYEE LIFECYCLE: KNOWLEDGE ENGAGEMENT THROUGH GAMIFICATION CAPTURE AND TRANSFER By Raytheon Professional Services and Training Industry, Inc. FOLLOW US 60

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2015

Soft Skills Make Up Vital Part of Corporate Training
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Leadership: The Artichoke Effect
Focusing on Mindsets and Attitudes
The Importance of Soft Skills For Trainers
Social Simulators Bring Training to Life
The Power of Storytelling in Organizational Development
Leading Change with Resilience
Why Perspective Selling Makes Sense
Harnessing the Power of Teamwork
Collaborate to Innovate: Building an Innovation-Friendly Business Culture
Are You Using the Best Metrics to Evaluate Your Skills Training?
Influencing into the Future
Culture: The Enemy at the Gate of Innovation
Casebook: T-Mobile: Answering the Call for Leadership Development
Leadership is an Inside Job
Vendor Selection Tips for Corporate Sales Training
Checking Your Motivation to Lead
The Real ROI of Leadership Training: Soft Skills Lead to Hard Results
Closing Deals
Company News
What's Online
Training Talk

Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2015