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bite-sized learning TURNS ESS I N TO M O R < BY MANJIT SEKHON > That new 17-page white pa p er from th e m a rk eti ng d ep a rtm ent i s ch ock full of useful infor mation for th e s a l es tea m , a nd s o i s th e a ccom p a nyi ng hour -lon g video for matted for vi ewi ng on l a p top or ta b l et. So what does a training manager do upon the sad discovery that neither one is drawing much attention from the company's busy young sales reps who prefer to catch their learning on the fly? One solution is to split the white paper into 17 separate blog posts, as well as a series of two-minute videos that team members can access from any portable device at their convenience. Problem solved. Welcome to the world of short-form learning, a fast-growing trend in corporate training that is being widely viewed as a game-changer among companies large and small - with good reason. People have begun to expect and demand that their learning content be delivered in digestible bites - especially those in the millennial 34 generation, the age group that invented social media. Today's learners also want greater control over the learning experience. Given a choice of YouTube videos of two-minute or seven-minute lengths, they will invariably opt for the shorter, numerous studies show. For training providers, this evolutionary trend presents both challenges and opportunities to meet learner expectations, while also fulfilling training and performance goals. Clearly, short-form content will never be right for every situation, but trainers are discovering numerous ways to package and deliver content in short bites thanks to technology's explosion, and compelling reasons to do so based on the latest in brain science.

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Tracking Trends
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Training Trends across the Spectrum
From Training to Continuous Learning in the Workplace
Integrating Accommodations for Learning Disabilities into Training
Emerging Learning Technology Trends
The Business Potential of Cloud-based Learning
A New Role for Instructional Design
Social Motivation: The Key to Adult Learning ROI
Key Trends for 2015: Transforming the Training Function
Bite-sized Learning Turns Less into More
How C-level Executives View Corporate Training
Learning Content Modernization: Why, What and How
Casebook: Boy Scouts of America: Reimagining the Learning Experience
Communities of Practice: The Future of Workplace Learning
VUCU Leadership in Today's Muligenerational Workplace
It's All About Climate Change
Closing Deals
Company News
What's Online
Training Talk

Training Industry Magazine - Winter 2015