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PUTTING THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE? By John Holland & Frank Visgatis WHEN ASKED TO DEFINE "SELLING," BUYERS AND SELLERS OFTEN USE WORDS LIKE "CONVINCING," "PERSUADING" AND "OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS," AND FEW COMPANIES RECOGNIZE THAT PEOPLE WOULD RATHER BUY THAN BE SOLD TO. MANY ORGANIZATIONS CLAIM THEY ARE CUSTOMER-CENTRIC YET LOOK INWARD RATHER THAN OUTWARD WHEN DEVELOPING NEW OFFERINGS. Taking this approach decreases the chances of bringing offerings to market that people want to buy. It's time to take a fresh look at how products are developed. Consider a startup company whose founder has a brilliant idea for a new offering. Everyone joining the company is laser-focused on product development. The most compelling slides in investor presentations are founders' descriptions of their offerings, sounding like proud parents. 24 The weakest part is the description of monetization. Industry statistics cite the total potential market, and pie charts illustrate increasing slices of market share over time. What isn't clear is why customers will buy. After raising money, the company remains focused on the new offering. When ready for a beta site, the founder will find or be found by early adopters who recognize the product's value. Early buyers accept the risks of doing business with fledgling companies.

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Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016
Perspectives on Sales Training
Table of Contents
Four Ways to Increase the Impact of Sales Coaching
Sales Training: Is It Worth It?
Trust Is Dead. Long Live Trust!
The Salesperson's Most Valuable Portfolio: Aligning with What Matters Most to Your Customer
Great Selling Today: Navigating Change
Big Data-Driven Sales Training
Designing an Effective Sales Training Program
Putting the Cart Before the Horse?
Helping Sales and Marketing March Together
Modern Sales Management
What Sets High-Performing Teams Apart
Four Keys to Rapid Behavior Change
Do Your Salespeople Know Where They're Struggling
Banish the Other Four Lettered F-Word
The Secret of Sales Enablement
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Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016