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M O D SALES MANAGEMENT Sales managers are arguably the critical success factor in most sales organizations: * They drive and motivate their teams. * They provide direction and coaching to salespeople and account managers. * They provide feedback and leading indicators to the company on both the team and the market. * They are a point of leverage: You can work with a few people to reach many. Yet sales managers are also a hugely underdeveloped talent pool in most 28 companies. They are all too often promoted from the ranks of excellent salespeople and then left to their own devices. Not surprisingly, they gravitate back to their comfort zone by selling, or at best telling their salespeople what to do. Sales managers are rarely trained in the full set of skills they need to drive team performance. Sales training companies and internal training departments see sales managers as a way to embed new sales skills but also as too diverse, difficult and relatively unprofitable to train in the unique and varied

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Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016
Perspectives on Sales Training
Table of Contents
Four Ways to Increase the Impact of Sales Coaching
Sales Training: Is It Worth It?
Trust Is Dead. Long Live Trust!
The Salesperson's Most Valuable Portfolio: Aligning with What Matters Most to Your Customer
Great Selling Today: Navigating Change
Big Data-Driven Sales Training
Designing an Effective Sales Training Program
Putting the Cart Before the Horse?
Helping Sales and Marketing March Together
Modern Sales Management
What Sets High-Performing Teams Apart
Four Keys to Rapid Behavior Change
Do Your Salespeople Know Where They're Struggling
Banish the Other Four Lettered F-Word
The Secret of Sales Enablement
What's Online
Company News

Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016