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UNLOCKING SALES TRAINING FOUR KEYS TO RAPID BEHAVIOR CHANGE BY MARK BASHRUM Improving sales performance more often than not requires changing the behaviors of sellers and managers. Sales organizations are continually challenged to bring in higher revenue, quarter after quarter, and year after year. They are asked to expand markets, launch next-generation products, and keep pace with the changing needs of their customers. The sales environment is dynamic and relentless, and to remain competitive, sales organizations need the ability to change, and change rapidly. 36 A structured approach is essential for any organizational change, but particularly so for rapid behavior change. Here are four keys to ensure that sellers and their managers buy into your change initiative and that new behaviors are impactful and sustainable. 1| DEFINE Start with KPIs and work backward To be effective, it is important that behaviors targeted for change are directly aligned to the sales organization's KPIs and desired outcomes. Alignment keeps stakeholders supportive and ensures that behavior change results in meaningful impact. Start by identifying the actions, measurements and behaviors that drive results. This involves understanding current and desired-state KPIs and prioritizing specific behaviors that make the most impact on KPIs, for both sales professionals and their managers. Design relevant and challenging learning interventions to address desired behavior changes and create a measurement plan to confirm and quantify business impact. because it is obviously in their own best interest. They change because they buyin, and that happens when salespeople actively participate in the transformation. Change needs to be comfortable and familiar. Well-designed learning activities provide the opportunity to model new behaviors in a supportive environment that reflects the real-life challenges sellers face in the field. To engage sellers and managers, create targeted learning interactions that focus on the sales dialogue between buyers and sellers that are highly customized to the specific selling environment. Emphasize learning-bydoing and engage sellers in problem-solving, brainstorming and collaborative thinking. Additionally, utilize intensive facilitator and peer-to-peer feedback and coaching, and incorporate thoughtful, field-based sustainment activities. TRAINING IS JUST ONE ELEMENT IN A BROADER BEHAVIOR CHANGE STRATEGY. Each element informs and supports the next, creating a framework for meaningful and actionable change that can be observed and measured. From knowledge acquisition through business impact, be sure that measures are put in place to drive your KPIs. Training is where many sales organizations begin and end the transformation process. Though critical, training is just one element in a broader behavior change strategy. 2 | LEARN Engage sellers in their transformation 3 | CHANGE Make new behaviors matter As with any group, salespeople and sales managers do not change their behaviors because they are expected to do so, or even Sales is a very practical discipline, and salespeople have a keen sense for what will and will not add value to themselves

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Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016
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Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016