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TABLE OF CONTENTS F E AT U R E S 14 28 08 10 12 4 THE SALESPERSON'S MOST VALUABLE PORTFOLIO: ALIGNING WITH WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOUR CUSTOMER By Steve Andersen & Craig Jones | Performance Methods Inc. Focusing on the customer's pursuit of success should be top-of-mind for savvy salespeople. MODERN SALES MANAGEMENT By Richard Barkey | Imparta Organizations must focus on strengthening the skillset of sales managers to maximize performance. FOUR WAYS TO INCREASE THE IMPACT OF SALES COACHING By Mike Wirth | Forum SALES TRAINING: IS IT WORTH IT? By Jim Dickie | MHI Global TRUST IS DEAD. LONG LIVE TRUST! By Mark Marone | Dale Carnegie Training 18 GREAT SELLING TODAY: NAVIGATING CHANGE 20 BIG DATA-DRIVEN SALES TRAINING 22 DESIGNING AN EFFECTIVE SALES TRAINING PROGRAM 24 PUTTING THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE? By Lou Schachter & Rick Cheatham | BTS By Duane Sparks | The Sales Board By Dave Mattson | Sandler Training By John Holland & Frank Visgatis | CustomerCentric Selling 26 HELPING SALES AND MARKETING MARCH TOGETHER 32 HOW LEARN-ABLEMENT MAKES SALES TRAINING WORK 34 WHAT SETS HIGH-PERFORMING TEAMS APART 36 FOUR KEYS TO RAPID BEHAVIOR CHANGE 38 DO YOUR SALESPEOPLE KNOW WHERE THEY'RE STRUGGLING? 40 BANISH THE OTHER FOUR LETTERED F-WORD 42 By Paul Bilodeau | The Brooks Group By James Touchstone | Sales Performance International By Julie Thomas | ValueSelling Associates By Mark Bashrum | Richardson By Tim Riesterer | Corporate Visions By Edward G. Brown | Cohen Brown Management Group THE SECRET OF SALES ENABLEMENT By Ken Valla and Ed Emde | Wilson Learning

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016

Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016
Perspectives on Sales Training
Table of Contents
Four Ways to Increase the Impact of Sales Coaching
Sales Training: Is It Worth It?
Trust Is Dead. Long Live Trust!
The Salesperson's Most Valuable Portfolio: Aligning with What Matters Most to Your Customer
Great Selling Today: Navigating Change
Big Data-Driven Sales Training
Designing an Effective Sales Training Program
Putting the Cart Before the Horse?
Helping Sales and Marketing March Together
Modern Sales Management
What Sets High-Performing Teams Apart
Four Keys to Rapid Behavior Change
Do Your Salespeople Know Where They're Struggling
Banish the Other Four Lettered F-Word
The Secret of Sales Enablement
What's Online
Company News

Training Industry Magazine - Sales 2016