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CASEBOOK Revolutionizing THE CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE By Shina Neo Globalization and technological advancements are transforming the traditional classroom environment. Organizations are doing away with the hour-long talking-head training sessions and the evolution of the classroom has become a hybrid of sorts. Successful organizations are aligning their learning initiatives with business goals in order to better meet the needs of the individual learner. More specifically, traditional instructor-led classroom training includes various delivery styles, learning technologies and modalities to better enable the transfer of learned knowledge to on-the-job applicability., a leading online resource for consumers to research vehicles, connect buyers and sellers, and find quality service and repair providers, has revamped its training initiative, implementing the concept of the flipped classroom. 48 After conducting surveys of the sales teams to assess the effectiveness of the sales training, it was evident that sales reps were competent in product information, but needed additional support to finalize sales. Up until recently, part of the sales support team functioned as two separate entities, strategic sales managers (SSM) and sales training, each facing challenges that coincided with the other. In particular, the sales team had difficulty applying what they learned under two different sources of instruction, leading to coaching and territorial struggles. Currently, all sales support from teaching the sales teams about product and value propositions to helping them execute and close deals, have combined as a single sales force unit. "We've been really successful at embracing each other as one team," said

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2016

Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2016
Transforming the Classroom Experience
Table of Contents
Onboarding Successful Leaders
Will the App Become the New Classroom?
The Evolving Classroom
Developing Micro-Learning for Micro-Moments
Testing the Waters with Mobile Learning
Incorporating Instant Messaging into Communciations Training
Tools for the Mixed Physical and Virtual Classroom
Training a Diverse Workforce
Next Generation Classroom: Providing the Ultimate Learning Experience
Meeting the Five Moments of Need
Save the Learners: Build a Serious Game Strategy
Universal Design for Learning Revolutionizing the Classroom Experience
Crossing Cultural Training
The Changing Face of Training Outsourcing
Design Learning so Everyone Gets an 'A'
Creating Brain-Compatible Materials
Four Ways to Become an Agent of Learning, Not Change
BizLibrary Invests in the Science of Memory
Company News
What's Online
Training Talk

Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2016