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FROM WHERE I SIT - DOUG HA RWA R D THE CHANGING FACE of TRAINING OUTSOURCING TRAINING OUTSOURCING NO LONGER MEANS THAT YOU HAVE TO SELL YOUR SOUL TO A TRAINING SUPPLIER. Around the turn of the century, training business process outsourcing (BPO) became a commonly offered service that training suppliers began marketing. Many learning leaders viewed the concept of outsourcing as a bad idea; one that would eliminate jobs and not improve the quality of training in their organization. Training outsourcing was considered an all or nothing proposition - a strategy you either did or did not do. There was no in between. In this time period, the term training BPO was not commonly used. The term outsourcing was used most frequently, and to some, it meant that you were sending your work to a company overseas. I once had a learning leader tell me that outsourcing training meant that you were selling your soul to a company overseas, and they had no plan to hand the keys to the training department to an outside company. Outsourcing was a "dirty word" with a negative connotation 52 and it represented all that was bad in our profession. A few decades later, the way training professionals view training outsourcing has changed considerably. Almost every learning leader today recognizes that outsourcing is a normal way of doing business. It is recognized as a viable approach to leveraging the talent, technology and content of a training partner to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of training. It no longer means that you have to sell your soul to a training supplier. Since the beginning of the BPO market, virtually every leader of a training organization utilizes an external supplier in some way - either to customize a course, deliver a class or license content for online training. I would be willing to bet there is not one Global 2000 company that does not use a training supplier in some capacity. In

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Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2016
Transforming the Classroom Experience
Table of Contents
Onboarding Successful Leaders
Will the App Become the New Classroom?
The Evolving Classroom
Developing Micro-Learning for Micro-Moments
Testing the Waters with Mobile Learning
Incorporating Instant Messaging into Communciations Training
Tools for the Mixed Physical and Virtual Classroom
Training a Diverse Workforce
Next Generation Classroom: Providing the Ultimate Learning Experience
Meeting the Five Moments of Need
Save the Learners: Build a Serious Game Strategy
Universal Design for Learning Revolutionizing the Classroom Experience
Crossing Cultural Training
The Changing Face of Training Outsourcing
Design Learning so Everyone Gets an 'A'
Creating Brain-Compatible Materials
Four Ways to Become an Agent of Learning, Not Change
BizLibrary Invests in the Science of Memory
Company News
What's Online
Training Talk

Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2016