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TRAINING T A L K 6 INDUSTRY PO S What are your learning and development objectives for 2016? 9% WAYS TO USE GAMIFICATION 19% 1| ENCOURAGE LEARNERS 28% through challenges, goals and making progress. 2| MOTIVATE LEARNERS to move through instruction and accomplish goals. 44% N = 32 Align training to business goals and objectives Adopt a virtual learning platform Enhance strategies for reinforcing learning Create more personalized learning experiences 3| INFLUENCE BEHAVIOR by properly placing game elements into a curriculum. What materials work best for sustaining the impact of training? 4| DRIVE INNOVATION 7% by developing experiences that promote innovative thinking. 5| BUILD SKILLS via earning points, badges and completing a story. 7% 17% 69% 6| AQUIRE KNOWLEDGE through repetition and practice. N = 29 Formal coaching/mentoring Weekly follow-up with manager/supervisor Gamification (in an LMS or otherwise) Post-course e-learning T R A I N I N G I N DUSTR Y MA GAZ INE - SPRING20 1 6 I WWW.TRAININGINDU S T RY . C OM/ MAGAZ I NE 63

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2016

Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2016
Transforming the Classroom Experience
Table of Contents
Onboarding Successful Leaders
Will the App Become the New Classroom?
The Evolving Classroom
Developing Micro-Learning for Micro-Moments
Testing the Waters with Mobile Learning
Incorporating Instant Messaging into Communciations Training
Tools for the Mixed Physical and Virtual Classroom
Training a Diverse Workforce
Next Generation Classroom: Providing the Ultimate Learning Experience
Meeting the Five Moments of Need
Save the Learners: Build a Serious Game Strategy
Universal Design for Learning Revolutionizing the Classroom Experience
Crossing Cultural Training
The Changing Face of Training Outsourcing
Design Learning so Everyone Gets an 'A'
Creating Brain-Compatible Materials
Four Ways to Become an Agent of Learning, Not Change
BizLibrary Invests in the Science of Memory
Company News
What's Online
Training Talk

Training Industry Magazine - Spring 2016