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CLOSING D E A L S AVNET EXPANDS SERVICES WITH EXITCERTIFIED ACQUISITION - TARYN OESCH Avnet, an IT products and services company, is expanding its services to become a more comprehensive technology provider. In 2012, the company acquired Magirus Group, a European distributor, and used Magirus' training capabilities to expand its own small customer training segment. Soon afterward, IBM chose Avnet as one of four IBM Global Training Providers, and in 2015, Avnet was named the number four company in the InformationWeek Elite 100 for its training initiatives. Avnet created a Web portal for its training solutions (Avnet Academy), providing an easier way for customers to locate and enroll in training, provide feedback, and communicate with experts. Earlier this year, Avnet announced its acquisition of ExitCertified, a supplier of certified IT training in North America, simultaneously doubling Avnet's training resources in North America and expanding ExitCertified's offerings beyond North America. This acquisition is the first time a global technology distributor has acquired an IT training company, signaling the importance of incorporating training with other technology services. CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS CAN MEAN A MORE SKILLED WORKFORCE AND ENHANCED CAREER DEVELOPMENT. Mike Hurst, senior vice president of Avnet Global Services, told Training Industry Magazine that Avnet sees "an increasing 62 skills gap in the industry brought on by the speed of change in technology. As a result, our broad portfolio of education solutions provides critical value in helping our ecosystem take advantage of the changing technology landscape." Hees Ham, owner of ExitCertified and now vice president of Avnet Education Solutions - North America, agrees: "The pace of change in the IT industry continues to accelerate," and ExitCertified provides Avnet's customers "with an expanded offering of award-winning courses on in-demand topics around today's high-growth technologies, such as big data, cloud, security, and converged and hyper-converged solutions. Avnet customers are also able to leverage our iMVP virtual platform, which gives them a more immersive and engaging learning experience by bringing them directly into the classroom virtually with full two-way audio and video." This virtual component was an important motivation behind the acquisition, according to Hurst. With more and more employees working remotely, virtual training is becoming more important. What's more, the ExitCertified platform uses virtual instructor-led training to incorporate the "human element," bringing what some might see as the best of both worlds into its offerings. In-house employee development is becoming increasingly important as organizations in a variety of industries outside IT increase their investments in such areas as software development, IT support, cybersecurity and data analytics. When these companies increase their inhouse IT, they require more in-house IT skills, making "the further development of tech talent in-house...a strategic imperative," according to CompTIA's 2016 IT Industry Outlook. Developing internal IT talent also decreases hiring costs, especially in a market in which the demand for IT skills is higher than it's ever been. Furthermore, according to CIO, as that demand continues to increase more quickly than the influx of new professionals into the IT workforce, "organizations will have to increase their internal training programs in order to build talent internally." Certifications like the ones offered by ExitCertified likewise provide a competitive advantage for IT professionals and the companies that employ them. In general, certification programs can mean a more skilled workforce and enhanced career development, particularly as a bridge between higher education and the workplace. In particular, certifications are valuable in the IT field. According to the IT Certification Council, as technology continues to advance, IT certifications "will increase in value, demand, and international adoption." Certifications can bridge the skills gap between untrained but college-educated professionals and available IT jobs, and companies will continue to use these programs for their internal talent development. Between its certified IT courses and its e-learning platform, ExitCertified was a strategic addition to Avnet's portfolio. By combining tech products and services with its expanding training offerings, Avnet is working toward becoming a full-service company in the IT space. Taryn Oesch is an editor at Training Industry, Inc. Email Taryn.

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