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W H AT ' S ONLINE T R A I N I N G I N D U S T R Y. C O M ARTICLES USING PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS TO BETTER TRAIN AND RETAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES | By Jim Walker Companies need to rethink their training needs to foster personal career growth. 7 TIPS FOR PRODUCTIVE CONTENT DISCOVERY SESSIONS | By Ruby Spencer Content discovery sessions are an essential part of the training development process. THE ROLE OF SALES LEADERSHIP IN DRIVING CHANGE ON THE FRONT LINE | By Michelle Vazzana Help front-line managers establish the right rhythm of coaching conversations. THE GOOD, BAD AND UGLY OF EMPLOYEE TRAINING | By Brigg Patten A strong emphasis on training provides an efficient path to improving employee productivity. BLOGS RESEARCH WEBINARS UNDERSTANDING THE EVOLUTION NETFLIX YOUR LEARNING: THE THREE LEVELS OF SALES E-LEARNING By Imparta and Training Industry, Inc. HOW TO CREATE OF COMMUNICATION By Evan Hackel ENGAGING LEARNING FOR A PICKY AUDIENCE WINNING THE TALENT THREE GUIDELINES INFLUENCED BY OTHERS: BASES MANAGEMENT GAME: TO CONSIDER OF POWER ACROSS GENERATIONS By The Center for Leadership Studies and Training Industry, Inc. A COMPETITIVE AS A CLO By Sharon Sloane GAMIFICATION AS DIFFERENTIATOR FOLLOW US 64 http://www.TRAININGINDUSTRY.COM,-bad-and-ugly-of-employee-training.aspx

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Magazine - Summer 2016

Table of Contents
Three Strategies to Ensure Your Training Has Tensile Strength
Experience, Exposure and Education
Beyond the Classroom Paradigm
Applying the Buddy System
Purpose-Driven Professional & Organization Success
Making It Personal: The Four Pillars of High-Impact Mentoring
Blowing Your Millennial Mindset
Hidden Forces: Unconscious Bias in Learning
Memory: The Critical Bottleneck to Learning
Gender Barriers & Solutions to Leadership
Cognititive Collaboration: Utilizing Diverse Thinking & Behavioral Preferences
Get Into the Act: Accelerating Collaborative Teamwork
Dispelling the Five Myths of Microlearning
Quicken Loans: Culture Driven
Developing Global Leaders: On-the-Job Leadership Development
From Where I Sit
Why Do We Wait to Train Our Managers?
Is Knowledge Overrated?
Is Your Business Acument Showing?
Avnet Expands Services with ExitCertified Acquisition
Company News
What's Online
Training Talk

Training Industry Magazine - Summer 2016