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How to Develop an Investment Strategy By Swearingen kuRT In today’s economy, knowing how to effectively allocate your limited resources across your Tree Farm is more critical than ever. It is far too easy to sink your hard-earned time and money into improvements that end up providing less of a return than you had hoped. Developing a sound investment strategy based on both your personal demands and market demands for the Tree Farm’s resources is the key to avoiding such low returns. A sound investment strategy begins with establishing your goals or desired end conditions for the Tree Farm. Then, and only then, can any alternatives within your investment strategy be considered relevant. With that said, the goals of an investment strategy typically involve allocating your scarce resources — time, money, and capital — in a combination through preferred activities that will maximize the Tree Farm’s return on investment while minimizing the costs of opportunities for other, “off-farm” investments. continued on page 30

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Tree Farmer - November/December 2010
How to Develop an Investment Strategy
Buyer’s Guide & Resource Directory
Associations & Organizations
Communication – Satellite Phones & GPS
Consulting Foresters & Managers
Co-op Resources
Equipment Financing
Fertilizers, Herbicides & Repellents
Financing & Credit
Forest Appraisal, Analysis & Management
Forest Measuring Instruments & Software
GPS & Satellite Phones
Land Sales
Portable Sawmills
Pressure Treated Products
Real Estate Brokers
Seeds & Seedlings
Specialized Excavating for Erosion Control
Supplies, Gifts & Apparel
Timber Buyers & Loggers
Timber Pricing Services
Tools & Equipment
Trail Layout & Construction
Tree Paint & Markers
Tree Protectors & Shelters
Wood Manufacturers
Associations & Organizations
Cooperative, State Research, Education & Extension Services
Grant, Loan & Cost-Share Programs
Tree Farm State Contacts
State Foresters
Taxing Issues
Sharing Your Experiences
Ties to the Land
Sharing Your Experiences
Tools & Techniques

Tree Farmer - November/December 2010