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from the executive director anuary begins the 100-Year Anniversary Celebration for the International Association for Food Protection! To kick off the festivities, you should have now received your commemorative IAFP calendar through the mail.This month, I want to preview some of the activities and events we have planned for the 100-Year Celebration. There are many celebration ideas, so please read on. In conjunction with the Anniversary Celebration, we are undertaking an extensive, fund-raising effort to help us celebrate a century of service to our Members. In December, letters requesting additional support for this grand event were sent to our Sustaining Members and active supporters such as those who advertise in our journals, exhibit at IAFP meetings or provide sponsorship to IAFP Annual Meetings. You may have already thought about this, but many of those receiving letters already have a substantial portion of their marketing and support budgets coming to IAFP. They may not have the ability to “add to the funding” already provided to IAFP. So, this is where I believe many of our IAFP Members can make a huge difference! There are a good number of companies out there who are very active in their food safety efforts, but may have overlooked IAFP in the past. We need balanced support from both big and small companies in order to make this celebration a success. We do not expect one or two companies only to step forward with large contributions; but we do hope there will be many companies who can make small contributions to this effort. In this way, the financial requirements are spread across many rather than concentrated on only a few! If you have the ability within your company or employer to request “COMMENTARY” J By DAVID W. THARP, CAE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR “There will be something for everyone this year as IAFP celebrates its 100-Year Anniversary” a donation in support of IAFP’s 100-Year Anniversary Celebration, it would be most appreciated by your colleagues across IAFP. You are welcome to contact me directly with any questions you may have. Otherwise, donation information is available on the IAFP Web site by clicking the 100-Year Anniversary Logo or through the IAFP 2011 Web page. Our fund-raising goal has been set at $250,000 for the Anniversary Celebration. Should we be fortunate enough to raise this amount, we can then apply these funds to a number of major events or promotional efforts. One is the previously mentioned calendar and another is a history time line. We are working to have an online, interactive time line in place during the first quarter of 2011. This is expected to be a fun and educational resource for IAFP Members to re-trace our past! From the time line, we hope to break down IAFP’s history into 25-year periods and make display boards highlighting certain quarter-century events for presentation at IAFP 2011 in Milwaukee. Regarding the time line, there are a few ways to be recognized as a sponsor. Your company could be listed as an overall time line sponsor or receive recognition as a “decade” sponsor or lastly, there are special, “sponsorship” opportunities available on this project. A company may like to place their own company “milestones” or important dates in history on the time line. For example, 3M could list that Scotch tape was invented in 1930; or DuPont might want to show that nylon was developed in 1935;or Disney could place a note that Disneyland opened in 1955! These item by item sponsorships are very affordable and can really help to “spice up” the time line entries! There are a number of additional 100-Year Celebration effor ts underway: 1. In this issue of FPT, a review of the literature published by IAFP prior to 1940 appears (see page 72). Articles covering each 16 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | JANUARY 2011

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Food Protection Trends - January 2011
Table of Contents
A Note from the FPT Scientific Editor
Sustaining Members
Reflections of Your President
Commentary from the Executive Director
Consumer Knowledge and Handling of Tree Nuts: Food Safety Implications
Potential Change in Performance-Based Dairy Farm Inspection Frequency Resulting from Increased Reporting Frequency for Bulk Tank Unpasteurized Milk Somatic Cell Count Results
Executive Summary: The Significance of Non-O157 Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in Food
Highlights from the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference + Expo 2010
FPT Instructions for Authors
IAFP 2011 Award Nominations
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What’s Happening in Food Safety
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Celebrating 100 Years of IAFP: Pre-1940

Food Protection Trends - January 2011