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A NOTE FROM THE FPT SCIENTIFIC EDITOR… A nother year has passed, and it seems like such a short time ago that Donna Bahun was calling to remind me that my 2009 “Note from the FPT Scientific Editor” was due. Now here I am preparing my 2010 “Note.” I want to begin this note by acknowledging the tremendous support that I receive from the IAFP staff, and Donna Bahun in particular. Donna is a tireless worker, and without her, I would always be behind! Thank you, Donna. Submissions to FPT are down a bit as compared to the same time last year, but still looking better than years past. As of the end of November, 2010, 32 papers were submitted to FPT, while 37 were submitted by the same time last year. By comparison, however, 28 and 22 were submitted by this time in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Interestingly, of the 32 papers submitted in 2010, 25 were received by the end of June. Thirteen papers were accepted for publication as of December 2, with several others in various stages of revision and a few remaining under review by members of the Editorial Board; 3 papers were rejected. Like last year, the trend of “non-benchtop” research papers continues. The FPT Management Committee continues to discuss the role of FPT and acknowledges that there is a need to ensure that we reach all segments of our membership. We have found that many of the types of papers that FPT receives are of great interest to our members in retail and food service as well as those in food processing, owing to the nature of the studies. Examples of such papers include: “Agrosecurity Awareness Curriculum Design, Delivery and Evaluation with First Responders to Agricultural and Food Emergencies,” by Judy Harrison et al. (June, 2010 issue) and “Dry Heat Thermal Inactivation of Listeria innocua on Deli Slicer Components,” by Phil Crandall et al. (October, 2010 issue). Coming in 2011, I think you will enjoy our “blast from the past” series that will appear in each 2011 issue, beginning with this one. As IAFP celebrates its 100 year anniversary, the FPT Management Committee formed a subcommittee, led by Michelle Danyluk, to evaluate various publications from our past. The subcommittee will select one article from each decade in which IAFP has published a journal and provide a brief overview of works published during that decade with respect to their relevance to food safety today. We hope you will find this interesting. I look forward to seeing everyone in Milwaukee in July/August. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions, and please remember to consider FPT for your scholarly publications. David A. Golden, FPT Scientific Editor JANUARY 2011 | FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS 3

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Food Protection Trends - January 2011
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Consumer Knowledge and Handling of Tree Nuts: Food Safety Implications
Potential Change in Performance-Based Dairy Farm Inspection Frequency Resulting from Increased Reporting Frequency for Bulk Tank Unpasteurized Milk Somatic Cell Count Results
Executive Summary: The Significance of Non-O157 Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in Food
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Food Protection Trends - January 2011