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Instructions for Authors SCOPE OF THE JOURNAL Food Protection Trends (FPT) is a monthly publication of the International Association for Food Protection. It is targeted toward persons working in industry or regulatory agencies, individuals teaching in the field of food science, or anyone interested in food safety and food protection. The major emphases include: • • • • • news of activities and individuals in the field; news of the Association affiliate groups and their members; new product information; research reports as well as practical technical articles on food protection; excerpts of articles and information from other publications of interest to the readership. SUBMITTING ARTICLES AND OTHER MATERIALS All manuscripts or other acceptable material for publication should be submitted as an E-mail attachment to Donna Bahun, Production Editor ( Prospective authors with questions about the suitability of their material for publication are invited to request an opinion from the Scientific Editor. TYPES OF ARTICLES Readers of FPT are people working in the food industry and regulatory agencies, as well as teachers and researchers. FPT publishes a variety of papers for food safety professionals. Research and general interest manuscripts, book reviews, and short opinion papers are appropriate for publication in FPT. Research papers are peer-reviewed. Other types of papers will be reviewed by the Scientific Editor, but are not published as peer-reviewed articles, unless requested by the author. Research Articles FPT regularly publishes papers resulting from research related to various aspects of food safety and protection. These papers should be of interest to our members, whether they are in academics, industry, or government. General Interest or Review Articles FPT publishes papers that are of practical technical interest to most IAFP members. These papers include topics such as the organization and application of food safety and quality control programs, methods for solving food safety and protection problems, and experiences resulting from such activities. Presentations at affiliate and annual meetings can be adjusted to make them appropriate for FPT publication. Book Reviews Authors and publishers of books related to food safety are invited to submit their books to the Production Editor. Books will be reviewed by a specialist in the field covered by the book, and the review will be published in an issue of FPT. Opinion-based Submissions Opinion-based submissions (800–1,000 words) may be considered for publication only in “Thoughts on Today’s Food Safety” columns. Full-length opinionbased articles will not be considered for publication in FPT. Manuscripts of a Sensitive Nature All involved in food production, processing, distribution, food service, and retail – including members of IAFP are greatly concerned with bioterrorism and food defense. Manuscripts dealing with such sensitive issues are expected to approach the subject from a preventive stance and not provide a “how-to” guide. An unusually rigorous review policy governs the evaluation of manuscripts submitted for publication in journals printed by IAFP, to minimize the possibility that use of their contents may pose a threat to the food supply. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR POLICY FPT invites Letters to the Editor. Letters commenting on articles printed in this publication are subject to review by the Scientific Editor before acceptance. Letters to the Editor are limited to no more than five double-spaced pages. The author of the article that is the focus of the letter is provided the opportunity to respond to the comments. This response is sent back to the author of the letter, who is then given the option of continuing with the publication process or withdrawing the Letter to the Editor. If the letter is withdrawn, neither it nor the author’s response will 48 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | JANUARY 2011

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Food Protection Trends - January 2011
Table of Contents
A Note from the FPT Scientific Editor
Sustaining Members
Reflections of Your President
Commentary from the Executive Director
Consumer Knowledge and Handling of Tree Nuts: Food Safety Implications
Potential Change in Performance-Based Dairy Farm Inspection Frequency Resulting from Increased Reporting Frequency for Bulk Tank Unpasteurized Milk Somatic Cell Count Results
Executive Summary: The Significance of Non-O157 Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in Food
Highlights from the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference + Expo 2010
FPT Instructions for Authors
IAFP 2011 Award Nominations
Executive Board Meeting Topics
New Members
What’s Happening in Food Safety
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Celebrating 100 Years of IAFP: Pre-1940

Food Protection Trends - January 2011