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Celebrating 100 Years of IAFP Journals: Pre–1940 Prepared by the FPT Subcommittee of the 100−Year Planning Committee* s IAFP celebrates its 100th year, a subcommittee of the Food Protection Trends Management Committee, formed with the support of the 100-year Planning Committee, is reviewing seminal work published in IAFP’s journals. Each month, from January to August, 2011, the subcommittee will select one article from each decade that IAFP has published a journal and provide a brief commentary on why and how the work is still relevant or significant and how it has impacted what we do today. The first issue of The Journal of Milk Technology (Vol. 1 Issue 1) was published in October 1937, as a “Special Convention Issue.” Prior to this, the Proceedings of the International Association of Milk Sanitarians, a report of the annual meetings, was published annually for 25 years. A subcommittee of the Association Publication, chaired by William B. Palmer, presented a report at the Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, recommending: 1. that the International Association of Milk Sanitarians formally designate The Journal of Milk Technology as its official publication, to be published in lieu of the Annual Report, and 2. that, beginning in January, 1938, the journal be inaugurated as a bi-monthly publication. Much of what the Special Committee on Association Publications wrote in the initial Editorial Section is still applicable to Food Protection Trends (FPT) and the Journal of Food Protection (JFP). “… the application of science to dairying has converted a milkman into a milk industrialist, a dairy into a milk plant. Its operation requires an effective application of the technology of dairying. This technology uses animal husbandry, bacteriology, chemistry, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering, and transportation… the modern milk business is a highly organized industry whose successful operations are predicated on the application of the newest developments of A food technology… The man who must inspect such a business and be responsible for its safe operation must be able to think in terms of all the factors that may be involved.” The multi-disciplinary nature of milk safety recognized by the committee is still evident in the broad scope of food safety topics that the journals address today. The Journal of Milk Technology was to “…serve that field of milk technology not covered by publications of the purely research type on the one hand, nor the trade journal type on the other. It will be valuable to official sanitarians, to the members of the technical quality control and research staffs of commercial organizations, to instructors in educational institutions, to research workers in the experiment stations and to investigators in all fields of research in milk sanitation and technology…” JFP and FPT continue in this tradition. JFP does not fit a single category of Journal Citation Reports; its content is comparable to that of journals in Food Science and Technology as well as in Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology. Unlike many of the publications in these two categories, JFP and FPT enjoy both a broad authorship and a broad readership of professionals in industry, academics and government, true to the initial vision of the journal in 1937. Continued on page 66 72 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | JANUARY 2011

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Food Protection Trends - January 2011
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Celebrating 100 Years of IAFP: Pre-1940

Food Protection Trends - January 2011