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from the executive director t is always difficult to write about events that have taken place before IAFP Members read this column. To meet publication schedules, the written material must be completed about five weeks in advance. So, as I write this column, if I discuss what happened last month it will seem like really old news by the time you read it. Instead of taking that approach this month, I will look to the “future” and discuss “upcoming” events. February is loaded with examples of what I’m talking about. By the time you read this, the Program Committee will have completed its meeting (February 10–11) and have the program for IAFP 2012 fairly well established. From the symposia submitted last October and those accepted for IAFP 2012, I’m sure you will find the program to be very diverse and interesting. A large part of the Program Committee meeting involves review of submitted abstracts. We do know this for sure, 734 abstracts were received this year and that set a record number for submissions and accounted for a 13% increase over last year (650 abstracts were submitted for 2011). This is wonderful news for IAFP as the interest in presenting food safety research at our Annual Meeting continues to increase year-by-year. It was not such good news for the Committee Members who had to review the mass quantity of abstracts! As a comparison to many years ago, we had 315 abstracts submitted for our 2002 Annual Meeting. Immediately after the Program Committee, the IAFP Executive Board meeting takes place on the 12th and 13th of February. Both the Program Committee meeting and the Board meeting are held in Providence at the site of IAFP 2012.These meetings “COMMENTARY” I By DAVID W. THARP, CAE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR “We are fortunate to have enthusiastic Members all around the world” provide the chance for the Board and the Committee to see the meeting facilities in advance of the Annual Meeting taking place. Over the years, it has proven beneficial to operate in this manner. In mid-February, IAFP will have participated at the Global Food Safety Conference (GFSC) in Orlando organized by The Consumer Goods Forum. This conference, focusing on retail food safety with an emphasis in food safety audits, certification and accreditation, is a good place for IAFP to exhibit.The conference allows us to interact with food safety professionals in an environment outside of an IAFP organized event. It thereby provides opportunities to discover possible new Members, exhibitors, advertisers or sponsors. So, just the same as the Program Committee meeting, this conference will be completed before you receive the March issue of Food Protection Trends. Later in February, the seventh Dubai International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC) will have also been completed.The event is scheduled for February 21–23 in Dubai and will also launch the first IAFP Middle East Symposium on Food Safety. Over the past four years, IAFP has worked closely with the DIFSC organizers encouraging IAFP Members to present their food safety research and experiences at the DIFSC events. Last year in conversation with the organizers, it was decided that IAFP would participate this year and the event would be co-branded with the IAFP Middle East Symposium on Food Safety name. Previous DIFSC events have attracted between 1,000 and 1,200 registered attendees. We will provide a report on this event in an upcoming issue of Food Protection Trends (April issue) with pictures and a summary of what took place. It is truly exciting for IAFP to have this opportunity to work together with colleagues in Dubai and to be able to offer this option to IAFP Members to further expand their network in the food safety arena. Between events like the GFSC and DIFSC and others that IAFP either hosts or displays at around the 114 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | MARCH 2012

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