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“COMMENTARY” from the executive director T his June issue of Food Protection Trends is the “Annual Meeting issue” since IAFP 2012 will be held in July this year. You’ll be able to find information within this journal about IAFP 2012 beginning on page 345. Everything you need to know about the Annual Meeting is included in this issue. Symposium topics, Committee meeting schedules, award recipients and listings of our exhibitors and sponsors are all included. For additional detail, you can visit the IAFP Web site anytime – 24 hours a day. To find the additional detail, when you are at the Annual Meeting Web site, simply look under “Programs & Activities” to find abstracts for every presentation taking place in Providence. This includes symposium abstracts along with the poster and technical abstracts. There is a tool that allows searching the entire program by subject, by title, by author or by day. You can find all presentations that will be of interest to you. The tools assist in establishing your schedule and from there; you can print it out or download it to your smartphone. New for this year is an application that can be downloaded for your use during IAFP 2012. More information about the app is available at the Web site. Shifting focus now, I want to take a few minutes to thank a number of people. Most important to the success of IAFP 2012 are the many speakers, poster presenters, session organizers and our convenors. Without these individuals committing their time and efforts, there would not be an Annual Meeting! This is the main attraction that draws attendees to come to our meeting – presentations of the latest science, research and trends in food safety. We are thankful to each and By DAVID W. THARP, CAE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR year is an application that can be downloaded for your use during IAFP 2012.” “New for this every speaker who devotes their resources to IAFP’s mission. Other important Annual Meeting groups include our sponsors and exhibitors, our local volunteers, and our staff. Over the years, IAFP sponsors have increased their involvement beyond what was ever imagined. Our sponsors have enabled IAFP to expand offerings to Annual Meeting attendees year- by-year. This year, we added lunch on Wednesday as a direct result of new sponsorship. In years past, we increased our break offerings, added lunch in the exhibition hall on Monday and Tuesday, added social receptions in the exhibition hall at the end of the day among other “perks” for attendees. We are very fortunate to have many companies who are willing to assist IAFP in this manner. Our exhibit program continues to expand each year as we go forward. Not too many years ago, we had to move from using hotel ballrooms for our exhibit hall to using convention centers because of the number of interested exhibitors. IAFP has experienced steady growth over the years and we expect to exceed all past records with more than 170 booths on the floor at our 2012 Annual Meeting. Through our sponsorship and exhibit program structure, IAFP has been able to keep our registration fees for Annual Meeting ver y low. What this means to you as an attendee or even as an IAFP Member is that you should go out of your way to express your thanks to our exhibitors and sponsors for supporting IAFP. Sponsors and exhibitors allocate a large percentage of their budget to IAFP with the expectation that they will garner the attention of our attendees. Please do your part to “complete the circle” and learn from the vendors on the IAFP exhibition floor. While you are there learning, thank the representatives for their support! We also work closely with our Local Arrangements Committee (LAC). Normally, this group is made up from an IAFP Affiliate organization, but we do not have a Rhode Island Affiliate. Therefore, we went to the Rhode Island Department of Health 294 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | JUNE 2012

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Food Protection Trends - June 2012
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Food Protection Trends - June 2012