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Recommendations to Executive Board from Committee Minutes with Executive Board Responses Affiliate Council Recommendations to the Executive Board: None. Committee on Control of Foodborne Illness Recommendations to the Executive Board: 1. The CCFI will develop a task force composed of CCFI members and IAFP Board members to explore extent of manual distribution and means of marketing the procedures manuals, as IAFP wants to increase sales and broaden the audience. Marilyn Lee and Jack Guzewich are the CCFI members along with Ewen ex officio. One of the tasks will be to identify mailing list of state/provincial organizations, armed forces, educational institutions (e.g., Schools of Public Health). Another is to work with Springer who is willing to participate in a marketing strategy but has found difficulty reaching state and local health departments because of the bureaucratic restraints. Board Response: Agreed. The Board members appreciate this effort to further expand the distribution of the Foodborne Manual and are willing to help establish a link with Springer, if needed. CCFI will establish a task force with input from the Board and the Food Safety Education PDG to consider developing a training program based on the procedures manuals, including any costing involved. Courses could be developed in collaboration with groups, e.g., International Food Protection Training Institute, NEHA. Ewen and Judy will be the initial contacts to set this up with Board. Board Response: Agreed. The Committee Chairperson may establish a Task Force. The CCFI recommends that the 6th edition of the foodborne illness procedures manual will be translated into Chinese and Spanish. Springer may have a source to translate into Chinese and CCFI will work with Springer on progress. The CCFI will approach the Board if any translation cots are anticipated to consider the Foundation for any funding. All translations of the Procedures to Investigate Foodborne Illness must be coordinated through the IAFP office and Springer Publications. Board Response: Agreed. CCFI to coordinate with Springer. Cost estimates should be provided to the IAFP office and a request for support will be made to the IAFP Foundation. Translated materials, after completion by Springer, should be reviewed by an IAFP Member fluent in the language so that the proper meaning is carried through in the translated text. The CCFI plans to consider collecting and collating disease outbreaks around the world involving specific commodities that would be searchable for food/agent combinations and factors contributing to the outbreaks as a part of 100 years of Committee history. Board Response: Agreed. Since the CCFI will celebrate 100 years of existence in 2014, a special symposium will be planned for the 2014 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Board Response: Agreed. STANDING COMMITTEES Food Protection Trends Management Committee Recommendations to the Executive Board: 1. The committee recommends moving from 12 publications a year to 6 publications a year. The 6 publications a year would contain the same number of manuscripts annually. Board Response: Agreed. Will implement in January of 2013. Journal of Food Protection Management Committee Recommendations to the Executive Board: 1. The Committee recommends that the wording be changed in the Executive Summary of the Strategic Plan concerning the Journal of Food Protection. The wording should be changed from “Protect status and increase impact of JFP” to “Protect status and increase influence of JFP”. Board Response: Agreed. The Committee recommends that Mike Davidson be re-appointed to another four year term as scientific co-editor. Board Response: Agreed. The Committee recommends the appointment of Manan Sharma as Vice-Chairperson. Board Response: Agreed. 2. 2. 3. 3. Program Committee Recommendations to the Executive Board: None. SPECIAL COMMITTEES 3-A Committee on Sanitary Procedures Recommendations to the Executive Board: 1. The group (including the 3 CSP members present) supports a new name and an expanded focus. Our new name could be called “Sanitary Equipment and Facility Design PDG”. We recommend a joint conference call with 3-A CSP and IAFP to work out the details. This new group could allow for membership growth from other food group areas and disciplines. Board Response: Agreed. This new PDG could have sub-committees that include 3-A CSP, EHEDG, etc. Board Response: Agreed. Sub-committee(s) can be established by the PDG Chairperson. The group wishes to create a committee to work on the wording of the bylaws and insure that the new group is not in violation of IAFP rules and that the 3-A CSP could continue to operate as one of the sub-committees. Board Response: Agreed. Sub-committees are not identified in the IAFP Bylaws and can be appointed by the PDG Chairperson (as stated in #2 above). The 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. should be consulted regarding the ability of IAFP to establish this sub-committee. 4. 2. 5. 3. Constitution and Bylaws Committee Recommendations to the Executive Board: 1. 2. Recommend acceptance of Kathy Glass as new Committee vice-chairperson Board Response: Agreed. Recommend revision(s) to the membership application and the annual demographic update form which will require a “self-identification” by the individual or 646 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | OCTOBER 2012

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Food Protection Trends - October 2012