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Industry Products 18/Quanti-Tray method achieves additional global recognition for easy, rapid and accurate detection of coliforms and E. coli in water.” ISO 9308-2:2012, based on Colilert-18/Quanti-Tray, is the first ISO standard to use the new ISO definition of coliforms/E. coli (expression of β-galactosidase and β-glucuronidase). It is also the first ISO standard to have been validated using ISO/TR 13843 guidance on validation of microbiological methods. IDEXX Colilert-18/Quanti-Tray has been extensively validated to detect total coliforms and E. coli in water with quantified results in as few as 18 hours, and with no further confirmation of results required. Combining a simplified testing process with innovative IDEXX technology, the Colilert-18/QuantiTray method delivers accurate results that allow laboratories to make confident health and safety decisions more quickly than traditional methods. IDEXX +1 207.556.0300 Westbrook, ME Using a new shipping-ready system, NeoSEEK provides beef processors and those using raw beef trim in products a safe and easy way to ship samples for testing. The new system provides everything producers need to safely and securely send samples to Neogen’s GeneSeek laboratory, which is considered to be the top agricultural genomics lab in the U.S. Coupled with its next day, DNA-definitive results, NeoSEEK provides fast and precise confirmation, giving producers the information they need to make the right decisions before taking action. These critical decisions can shrink waste by releasing negative product into the market more quickly. NeoSEEK is available for E. coli O157:H7, one of most common illness-causing pathogens, and six related STEC strains: O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 and O145. In June, the new regulations classifying these six strains as adulterants went into effect, making quick and accurate testing more important than ever. NeoSEEK technology uses mass spectrometry-based multiplexing to determine the genetic composition of bacteria in a food sample, and then compares those results with the known genetic makeup of the target E. coli strains to identify and differentiate the target strains. NeoSEEK assays a total of 71 independent genetic markers to detect and identify STECs, which provides actionable results much sooner than conventional IDEXX IDEXX Colilert®-18/QuantiTray® Test Becomes the New ISO Standard 9308-2:2012 DEXX announces that its Colilert®-18/Quanti-Tray® test becomes the new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) worldwide standard for detecting total coliforms and E. coli in water. The Organization has withdrawn ISO 9308-2:1990, which follows the multiple tube (most probable number) method, and replaced it with ISO 9308-2:2012 using the Colilert-18/ Quanti-Tray method. This change is the result of a standard revision process that has taken place over the past three years. The ISO revision process is led by an international committee comprised of scientific, industrial and business sector experts who regularly review current ISO methods and make recommendations for updates and improvements. “ISO is considered the gold standard for quality around the world, ensuring that products, services and processes are safe and reliable,” says Manja Blazer, Ph.D., senior government affairs manager, IDEXX Water. “With its publication as an ISO standard, the Colilert- I New Dry Bath 2 Blocks at 2 Temperatures from Neogen N eogen Corporation has announced a faster and more streamlined version of its NeoSEEK 24-hour pathogenic Shiga toxinproducing E. coli (STEC) confirmation service. Be sure to mention, “I read about it in Food Protection Trends”! The publishers do not warrant, either expressly or by implication, the factual accuracy of the products or descriptions herein, nor do they so warrant any views or opinions offered by the manufacturer of said articles and products. 664 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | OCTOBER 2012

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Food Protection Trends - October 2012
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Food Protection Trends - October 2012