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from the executive director ovember – already? That is the reaction of most people when we take a look at the calendar or discuss what date it is today. How can 2012 already be coming to a close? It seems not too long ago when the weather was warming and the trees were gaining their new growth, the fields were greening and we had the whole summer to look forward to. Now, the weather has cooled; even become cold at times and the year end is approaching. So, what does this have to do with IAFP or food safety? Well, I often times think as that end of something draws near, is there something we should be doing differently to help humankind? Is there a way that “I” can make a bigger impact on a group or someone specifically? I have to believe that most everyone reading this column has been fortunate enough to hold good jobs throughout your working life. Probably you have been well educated, maybe had the opportunity to travel your state or local regions… maybe even traveled the country or continent where you live; possibly you have even been able to travel the world? In doing so, I could be certain that you have seen many different living conditions and many different food safety environments. I can attest that I surely have! Of course we all are cautious about the foods we eat because we know what can happen if we let our guard down. But, do we do enough to help improve food safety when we have the opportunity? How do we best “improve food safety” for our family, for our friends, for our communities and for human- “COMMENTARY” N By DAVID W. THARP, CAE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR “How do we best ‘improve food safety’ for our family, for our friends, for our communities and for humankind?” kind? I see evidence of how many IAFP Members do this every day! We receive hundreds of articles submitted for publication in our journals each year. This takes time and effort from those Members to conduct the research, analyze the results and write their conclusions. Then, other Members review these papers to “test the facts” presented. Once the paper is published, professors from around the world use the information presented to teach their students the latest food science research. By doing so, they are stimulating their students to further explore this wonderful way to impact the public’s health! Another way IAFP Members influence the safety of our food is by giving presentations to food safety professionals. Whether through the IAFP Annual Meeting, through Affiliate meetings or our regional international meetings; all information shared can have a lasting effect on food safety professionals and therefore, on improving food safety. We all learn from stories and examples, so presentations can be the best learning experience. Another way to have a lasting effect on food safety is to make presentations to school-aged children. This can be an avenue to bring change to the child’s food safety habits which can also be “passed up” to their parents. Teaching good, basic food safety habits at a young age can truly make positive change for the future that can last a lifetime. There are a number of opportunities for food safety professionals to become involved in teaching new food safety habits to people in developing countries. This is a challenging opportunity, but one that can help to change a nation’s health. There are programs available through the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). If you are interested, you can contact the IAFP office for more information. 686 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | NOVEMBER 2012

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Food Protection Trends - November 2012
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Food Protection Trends - November 2012